DX7.7 Content Services Platform

Digitize Your Workflow With Intelligent Automation


Create Efficient Content Management Strategies
with Our Data & Document Management Software.

Digitize Your Workflow and increase your productivity with the industry’s leading Enterprise Content Management (ECM) application. Our software can easily integrate with any of your current business processing softwares for data, documents, files, records and many other mediums. We deliver better ways to manage, organize and access your information.


DX7.7 Software Highlights

  • Highly Configurable & Customizable
  • Scalable to Any Size Business or Workload
  • Rapid Deployment and Implementation
  • Clean & Simple User Interface
  • Transaction Based Pricing Model with Unlimited User Accounts
  • Easily migrate data from existing systems and export data in a variety of formats
  • Designed to capture, manage, and access data and documents in the cloud

Partnership with Amazon Web Services

  • DDM Software is powered by the Amazon Web Services Cloud
  • AWS provides increased flexibility, scalability, and reliability
  • Pricing model is more competitive then traditional legacy software solutions