5 Key features to look for in a successful document management system

With the ever increasing number of documents created and processed daily, more and more businesses are adding electronic document management to their strategy. The successful implementation of a document management system requires (1) an understanding of your business needs and requirements, as well as, (2) an understanding of what and how much an electronic document management system can do for your business.
While many electronic document management systems today offer more functionality than you may ever need, it is important to know what features are a must to satisfy your business requirements.

Many of you reading this article will likely have different needs and requirements, however, there are 5 key features you do not want to ignore when it comes to choosing the right document management solution for you and your business.

  • Capture — Weather you are dealing with piles and piles of paper or have tremendous amounts of data and electronic documents, equipment integration (such as scanners or printers), as well as the ability to exchange data with other applications is a must; it will allow you to effectively capture data and documents directly into your system.
  • Audit history & version control — Successful document management software allows you to track any changes happening in the system so you know who is accessing what information and when. In addition, any successful document management platform, should provide version control, granting you access to the latest and greatest.
  • Workflow — Workflow allows you to create tasks with rules and deadlines. Assigning certain tasks to specific users or groups within your organization and even automating tasks is not uncommon in document management systems these days. Choosing a management system with workflow capabilities will allow you to streamline your processes and increase your productivity.
  • Reports — A good management system isn't good if searching and reporting capabilities aren't there. When looking for the right document management system, you want to make sure you can easily search your data and documents. After all, what good does it make you to have your documents accessible, secure and organized if you can't find what you are looking for? In addition, good management systems have good reporting capabilities, allowing you to report on any data present within the system (i.e. these reports could show billing numbers, processing times or status, employees hired within the last year, etc).
  • Security — The security of your information is of utmost importance. That is why (1) high levels of security and encryption and (2) disaster recovery plans are an absolute must when it comes to choosing the right document management platform for you and your business.
  • Scalability — You may be starting out today as a small business or you may own an established business that has been around for years. No matter what the case is, it is important that the document management system you chose has the ability to adapt to your needs as your grow your business and change your requirements. From the numbers of users, to the automation of processes, or the maximum number of storage allowed, your needs may change and when that happens you want to make sure your document management system has the ability to adapt and continue to bring value to your business.

If you are ready to focus your time on growing the business while having control over business processes and respecting the security of your data and documents, then electronic document management sounds like the right solution for your business. But, before you chose the right fit for your organization, make sure to ask these 10 questions. The answers to these questions will give you insight as to which is the right option for your business.

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