Why Should My Organization Care About Document Management Software?

Document management is more than just the idea of digitizing paper forms and files into an electronic format and storing them in some manner of online-connected database or folder structure. Document management is a lifecycle process that helps facilitate the creation, security, usage, versioning, auditing, and retention or elimination of all manner of organized information.

Document management systems are designed to facilitate the entirety of your organization’s needs, from small company’s day to day document storage and control operations to handling a large enterprise’s need for advanced document workflow and processing. And no matter the size of your organization, document management systems incorporate stringent security standards and efficient yet controlled access to your documents and information.

Why should your organization care about effective document management software, though? Any system will do, right? Not necessarily. When considering an effective strategy for managing your organization’s important documents and information, you should consider the following questions:

  • Who has access to a document? Am I able to limit access (such as View Only, Edit, Delete, etc) to a document for different users or groups?
  • Document Access

  • Are my document files and metadata secured using advanced encryption for both physical files and data stored in database repositories? Is the physical location of my organization’s document data secured both digitally and physically?
  • Security using encryption

  • Do we optimize our document management process by using workflow systems to move a document through its various lifecycle stages in a triggered or automated fashion? Do we have an efficient system for allowing a document to be checked-out by a user, processed, and then checked-in for workflow processing?
  • Workflow and automation

  • Do we have a system by which we can track all operations surrounding a document, such as user access, document creation/editing/deletion, etc?
  • Operations Tracking

DOMA takes these points and more into account to help you store, process, and track your data and documents in a powerful manner with an efficient interface. While our system is designed to handle a wide range of organizational scenarios, we will help you tailor it to your organization’s unique needs. All of the technical power that allows DOMA's platform to be configured in an unlimited fashion is nested within the engine itself, using a user-friendly interface to tell the engine how to manage your documents in a non-technical manner. This allows anyone in your organization to get started using DOMA quickly and efficiently.

At the end of the day, document management software saves your organization time and money while making the best use of your resources. In a world of varied types of document data and information, you need a system that takes into account not just the mundane storage of documents, but also the protection of Personal Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial information, and legal information. DOMA is that system, and we would love for you to contact us about it today!

About the author:

David Mann

David is a Software Engineer at DOMA. Joining DOMA's R&D team in September of 2007, he has been involved in the complete re-design and development of our cloud-based software since the beginning.