DOMA DX 8.0 Launches

DX 8.0 Launch Graphic

It’s been a long journey, but the DOMA team is excited to announce that the DOMA Experience 8.0 is launching and bringing customers a new user experience.

Redaction and Audio Redaction Tools: How are they important?

Automated and Audio Redaction

The digital age has made documents and data more accessible to everyone around the world. Unfortunately improved access to data has come with some struggles. Making sure that no one’s personal data can be shared without their consent can seem difficult, but there are also new tools that can be used to help accomplish this task. One of those tools is Automated Redaction, but what is redaction?

Healthcare Management in the Digital World

Healthcare Management in the Digital World

Converting medical records to digital can make paperwork quicker to digest; thereby freeing up valuable time so medical professionals can get back to doing what they do best: helping people.