Digitize Your Workflow

Included in Software Overview
Role Based Permissions
  • Manage access to content as well as functionality
  • Users are assigned to groups and inherit permissions
Configurable User Interface
  • Clean, simple user interface
  • Configurable to meet unique customer requirements
Dashboard Display
  • Create displays of sets of data in graphs and charts
  • Dashboard can be based on user and group settings
Capture and Classification
  • Capture content from a scanner, fax, or multi-function device
  • Drag and Drop capability
  • Bar-codes, zonal OCR, and forms recognition
Access and View
  • Access content based on basic, advanced, and keyword searching
  • Central repository to manage all data and file formats
  • Zero footprint viewer launches TIF/PDF images
Edits and Annotations
  • Check-in/Check-out version tracking
  • Annotations tools include redacting/highlighting/stamping
Workflow Annotations
  • Configure workflows using a text-based module
  • Automated triggers to perform actions and activities
Reporting and Auditing
  • Standard and ad-hoc reporting to track user productivity and access
  • Audit logs track all activity within the system
Data Exchange
  • Migrate data and documents from 3rd party applications
  • Exchange data in real-time via FTP/SFTP, API call, EDI transaction sets