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DOMA is always on the lookout for fresh talent. Our internship program provides valuable experience to up and coming stars in the tech industry.

DOMA offers an internship program that equips students with real-world experience in their field of study. Under the oversight and direction of experienced professionals, interns are able to practically apply the knowledge, skills, and principles they’ve studied in a work team environment. 


The Right Fit

We are looking for candidates that are eager to learn, open-minded, and ready for a challenge. DOMA internships are designed to pack in as much real-world experience as possible. We are looking for candidates that will fit in with our dynamic corporate culture and adhere to our values of integrity, innovation, fun, and community

Interns Receive

  • Industry Relevant Experience
  • Professional Network Building
  • Real-world, Skill-Building Projects
  • A Thorough Feedback Report and Guidance on Career Growth
  • An Opportunity to Present Work to Leadership within the Company


Meet Katrina Porter

Katrina has an enthusiasm and willingness to learn that stood out when we interviewed candidates for our 2019 Social Media Internship. Her great attitude paired with a phenomenal graphic design portfolio made her our top choice for the role.

Over the 90 days of her post-graduate internship, she positioned herself as an integral member of the team. She supported our team through video production, photography, graphic design, marketing data, and wrangling all of our disparate (and frankly neglected) social channels. 

She was determined to succeed and at the end of her post-graduate internship Katrina was hired full time as DOMA’s Social Media Specialist

Katrina's Internship Experience

What Did You Learn During Your Internship?

“I learned a lot about the power of community. As a designer you always imagine yourself being secluded when you work. Therefore, being able to work with people who all have different strengths and interests showed the value of having a team. I also learned how fast-paced things really are in the corporate world. You hear about it in school, but experiencing it as an intern definitely drives the point home.”

What Do You Like About Working at DOMA?

“DOMA is such a welcoming place. You don’t realize how much of a difference that makes until you realize you’re excited to come to work.  DOMA is also the type of environment where you feel like you matter. There is always someone checking in to make sure you’re OK. It allows you to face challenges without feeling like you’re on your own.”

What Advice Would You Give Future Interns?

“Just work hard at it. Everything you do here is appreciated and hard work definitely pays off.”

Frequently asked questions

We offer internships at our Virginia Beach Headquarters in a variety of fields, to students and recent graduates. There may be internships available that focus on marketing, graphic design, web design, software development, or communications depending on the current needs of each department.

Interns should either be participating for school credit or have graduated within the past year. We are looking for dynamic talent in the surrounding area that can travel to our Virginia Beach headquarters. 

We work within a secure facility dealing with sensitive information. As a result, interns must be eligible to work in the United States and pass a drug screening and background check.  

The length of the internship varies based on the needs of both the student and the requesting department. Although we will do our best to accommodate your schedule, we try to schedule consistent hours so that the candidate gets the attention and instruction they need.  

Internships for credit will align with the student’s semester or quarter system. Internship hours will be during normal business hours and coordinated to fit the student’s class schedule.

Internships for recent graduates are generally about three months (90 days). These post-graduate internships generally entail more hours – ideally 20 hours a week. 

If you have applied and haven’t heard back yet, don’t fret. We review every resume thoroughly and it can take a while to find the right fit. There is an ebb and flow that may cause us to re-work a position based on the candidates we receive. We may post a call for interns well before the semester begins so that we have time to completely review each candidate. 

We also hold on to exceptional resumes beyond the internship posting and sometimes will wait until we find the right position for a candidate that impresses us. So if you were not selected for an internship there may be an opportunity for you on the horizon. 


How to Succeed in the Hiring Process

This advice goes beyond applying for our internships. We treat the intern selection process with the same care we do when hiring a full-time team member. 

Advice for Success

  • Apply with a Well Designed and Tailored Resume – There are many free templates on the internet that can make your resume shine. Take the time to address the requests in the internship posting directly in your resume’s design and wording. 
  • Provide Examples – If you are applying for a design position in Marketing or a writing position in Communications provide examples on a simple website or attached to your application. Candidates who provide a portfolio always get more attention. Make it clear where we can see samples of your work and please check that any links are working before you submit your application.
  • Do your Research – Take the time to browse the website and learn more about what DOMA does. Read about our culture, and feel free to ask questions during an interview. There is no need to memorize and recite facts; it’s about showing engagement and seeing where your unique skills fit in the big picture.

See What's Available

See what’s available or keep an eye out by visiting our job and internship postings below.  

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