Software as a Service (SaaS)
Custom Development

DOMA's U.S. based development team can develop, host, and manage custom SaaS solutions to simplify your workflow.

DOMA’s development team can create custom applications that include advanced reporting, business intelligence, data visualization, and more. We do all the heavy lifting and application management, minimizing the learning curve and time investment required by your team.

The SaaS Approach

Integrated Development for Better Results

With a SaaS solution our team does all of the technical work and cloud infrastructure maintenance, putting you on the fast track to success.

  • Minimal IT Investment for Your Team
  • Easily Scalable to Meet Demand
  • Cost Effective – Upfront and Long-Term
  • Highly Accessible via the Cloud
  • Increased Security
  • Improved Data Visibility & Insight


    One of the main advantages of a SaaS application is that it’s highly available in the Cloud. You aren’t tethered to the office when needing to securely access your applications and data. 


    Intelligent automation is the next step in simplifying your workflow. With intelligent automation we are moving beyond basic RPA (robotic process automation) to include machine learning and artificial intelligence. 


    We deploy APIs to harmonize your entire digital infrastructure. Our applications can pass data back and forth securely between a wide range of applications and systems. 

    The DOMA Experience

    Our COTS Solution to Data and Document Management

    In addition to custom development, we offer a turnkey solution for data and document management. DOMA’s DX Software platform is a secure document repository that gives you deeper access to your documents, automates processes like reporting. Whether you need to automatically process mobile forms, simplify procurement, or create managed access for a large archive documents, DX has the tools you need. 

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      Work smarter and automate your processes with DOMA’s DX Software. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) our platform makes it easy to create, collaborate, share, automate, and transform the way you manage your data.

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