DOMA vs SharePoint

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DOMA vs SharePoint

Why going with DOMA makes sense

If you are looking for an alternative to SharePoint, you may be about to discover just what you were looking for. While the Microsoft platform is widely used and most companies get by “just fine”, the reality is SharePoint leaves plenty of room for other Cloud based Software-as-a-Service alternatives such as DOMA’s platform to get in and position themselves at the forefront.

Most potential SharePoint clients require a dedicated Microsoft SharePoint Developer. This can be expensive and cost prohibitive to many organizations. Right out of the gate, SharePoint requires you to determine; how many users will you have? How many are internal? How many are external? Potentially limiting you access to your own information.

For a side-by-side comparison of DOMA ekdb and Microsoft SharePoint, click below.

DOMA vs SharePoint Online

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