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What's New in DOMA's DX 8.0 Update

The DOMA Experience has received a complete visual overhaul to make our software more intuitive and engaging. With new toggling menus and workflow integrations, you'll soon see the DOMA Experience is more powerful than ever.

Take a Look at the New DX 8.0

Preview the new interface and features for DOMA DX 8.0. Hover over the orange targets for descriptions of new features.

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This informative webinar will answer all of your DX 8.0 questions. Get an overview of the onboarding process and new features.

New Features

A Dynamic,
New Visual Interface

  • Modernized icons across the entire platform

  • Side Menu is now collapsible to save space when working

  • Main Tabs are now expandable on hover

  • 508 Standard Compliance – Read about 508 Compliance

Increased Functionality

  • Easy-to-Use Outlook Email Plug-In

  • Google Charts now used for Dashboard Widgets allowing for real-time data snapshots

  • Advanced Search now functions across multiple document types

  • When adding electronic documents through the UI, you are now able to view and/or merge the images prior to upload

Easier to Navigate
& Faster Performance

  • The header bar is now pinned to the top of the page

  • “Jump-to-Page” function for multi-page search result lists

  • New folder tree with moving folders

  • Shorter load times and faster performance

Help Desk Integration
& Update Notifications

  • Newly Updated Support System

  • Email & Chat Support Capabilities within DX

  • Notifications Available for Future Updates

See the Difference

"We are excited about the new user interface; it was redesigned from scratch to be more responsive in order to achieve better performance."

Darren Johnson | Senior Software Specialist at DOMA
DX 7.7 DX 8.0

DX 8.0 FAQ

No, you will not lose any information with the DX 8.0 update.

We are excited to share with you our new user interface as well as some great new tools.  Learn more about them HERE.

Current customers are not required to switch to DX 8.0. If you choose not to switch, just keep in mind that we will no longer fix any bugs in the software or make any updates to improve DX 7.7.

However, at DOMA, we are committed to moving your business forward with the newest technology.  This DX 8.0 update includes improvements to the speed and performance of the site. In order to keep your DX site running smoothly, it is important that you upgrade to DX 8.0. Don’t worry, our account managers will help you every step of the way!

There is no associated cost to this update. This is a service that DOMA is providing to all of our customers.

Once you have started the process of transferring your site to DX 8.0, you can contact your Account Manager with any questions.  If the question requires further action, an IT Helpdesk Ticket can be submitted to support@domaonline.com

Training will be scheduled with your Account Manager when they contact you prior to the update. The training takes approximately 30 minutes.

Your Account Manager will contact you before any updates.

DX Software updates happen when:

  • There is a significant enhancement to the software.
  • A customer has a specific request for their site’s capabilities.

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