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Learn How Your Business Can Stay Productive & Live Up to Expectations When You're Up Against COVID-19, Remote Work & Productivity Challenges.

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Improve Information Access with a Digital Mailroom

Scanning your important paper documents is one of the first steps to enabling remote work, but you can't stop there. Having a digitization solution for incoming paper documents like checks and invoices is key to ensuring your team can act quickly on important action items.

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Centralize Your Content and Collaborate in the Cloud

The DOMA DX software platform can help your team collaborate remotely within the Cloud. Maintain compliance and security standards by setting permissions and using the included auditing tools to safeguard your valuable data.

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Scan Documents & Collect Forms on the Go in our App​

The DOMA DX Forms app allows your team to scan documents or complete and upload digital forms securely from a mobile device. Collect signatures, take photos, tag content with timestamps or geotags and more

How Can I Help My Team?

Tools & Strategies for Enabling Remote Work

Equipping your organization for remote work is all about having the right digital transformation initiatives in place. DOMA believes there are three primary challenges when transitioning to telework:

Content Access:

For our customers who were affected by COVID-19 shutdowns or those who had to quickly transition to remote work this was one of the main challenges. Important documents were often trapped in a paper format and mail continued to pile up at the office. Sending employees in shifts to gather the information they needed only resulted in delays. confusion, and document loss.


In order to collaborate effectively, you will want to ensure that your document management system can track changes and set role-based access. Similarly, an easy-to-use interface is essential for quick onboarding. 


Working remotely doesn’t eliminate the need to maintain compliance with standards like HIPAA or the CCPA. However you choose to collaborate, you will need to ensure that financial information, PII, PHI, and sensitive business documents are protected.

Remote Work Case Study

Newport News Shipbuilding

Newport News Shipbuilding (NNS) was dependent on a paper filing system that included multiple filing rooms and off-site storage. When the COVID-19 crisis forced NNS to transition to a primarily remote workforce, NNS did not have any plan in place for accessing their analog records.

Learn more about how DOMA was able to digitize over 2 million documents within 6 months to help NNS empower their team, improve collaboration, and stay on track during this crisis. 

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How Will Remote Work Affect my Team?

We conducted two different employee surveys. One at the beginning of implementing telework in April and one again in January. We discovered a few interesting things:

  • The primary challenge employees faced according to both surveys was social isolation
  • Almost all employees felt their productivity was just as good when working remotely (75%)
  • The primary request from both surveys was increased training and development opportunities


Take our survey for businesses and tell us how your team is doing:

Work From Home Challenges

April | 2021

When surveyed DOMA employees selected these top challenges. When surveyed again in January an additional option was added, “no challenges” – which got 48% of the vote.

No Data Found

Preferred Work Environment

January | 2021

In spite of the challenges, most employees preferred to work from home. A large portion of these employees work in our PMR program and felt that telework was an ideal fit.

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DOMA has transitioned over 50% of its workforce to remote work; however we remain fully operational. We have a contingency plan ready should the rest of of the team need to telecommute. Our federal and healthcare information management programs (such as PMR) are essential programs and will continue without interruption.

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