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Many of our customers began their “migration journey” as a result of expensive and burdensome licensing models, outdated functionality and complex support requirements. Whether they came to us from EMC Documentum, Laserfische or similar platforms, they all saw value in a migration solution that allowed us to evaluate their true requirements and map out a migration strategy to meet their unique environments. DOMA’s team of experts have guided many customers through the migration process, reducing their cost and improving their business processes and project life cycles.

Our Approach

DOMA Technologies develops a migration strategy from a different perspective than what may be considered the norm in the industry. While many customers believe that migrating from one platform to another is as easy as replicating one system with another, we believe it is important to focus on business processes first, and ask, “How can the business processes be optimized by leveraging a new platform?”

Why Migrate To Doma?

Our team has consulted public and private industries over the last 15 years. We show customers the real return on investment that can occur by looking at a migration that focuses on the benefits of improving business efficiencies in parallel with the customer’s content management system.