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Re-Tool Your Q4 Records Management Strategy With DOMA Digital Transformation

As electronic information grows, records managers are still trying to maintain the same level of control and oversight as they did in the physical world, but in today’s digital environment, this model is no longer effective or realistic.

For both the private sector and State Local, and Education (SLED) organizations, it’s time to think about new ways of easing the burden on end-users. For public organizations, learn how to achieve compliance with the latest state of Virginia regulations.  

DOMA is ready to help you budget for the 2020 fiscal year, reach out today to get started.


Receive 25% Off Scanning Services & Assessment
Plus 3 Months of Free Software


This Offer Expires on November 22

Contact Us today to find out about how you can leverage this amazing offer for 25% off all upfront costs including assessment training, and site configuration. Three months of free, full access to our DX software is also included so that you can see what makes our document management solutions so unique.

Our DX software is custom configured to your needs making it easy to use. Pair that with a robust set of included features and we are sure you'll see the DOMA difference.

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DOMA Technologies is a proud member of the VAGARA, VACO & Virginia Public Procurement Associations

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Further Your Document Management Education

 Watch our webinar above to learn more about re-tooling your record management strategy with DOMA.

A Snapshot of the DOMA Experience

Our records management process has been a game-changer for a lot of statewide institutions. We have taken a fresh look at records and information management and have provided tools and concepts that are new, easy-to-use and speed up the records management process. Our process is easy to implement for records management as it provides simple, easy to understand steps and a guided onboarding process.

Records Scanning & Digitization

Public schools, universities & private institutions have a growing need to effectively manage all of the paperwork for their students and faculty – past and present. Smooth Solutions offers a variety of document scanning solutions to ensure your school has easy access to all of its important records.​

Digital documents save you time and space. This is something that can help any educational institution. You can even share necessary records with students, teachers, and/or other institutions quickly and easily.

What Types of Records We Scan

• Human Resources Files
• Payroll Files
• Forms & Receipts
• Paper Records of Any Size
• Large-Format Blueprints & Plans
• Damaged or Fragile Records
• Bound Books and Newspapers
• Microfilm and Microfiche
• Film Slides & Negatives
• Videotapes & Audio Cassettes
• 8mm, Super8 & 16mm Film
• All other types of analog media

Digitizing Important Archival Records

In the case of state, local, and education institutions there are legal requirements that demand records be stored for a certain number of years or even permanently. In the past this meant your facility needed the ability to house and access millions of pages of paper documents. Now you can utilize DOMA’s specialized service to accurately scan and index your documents, enabling you to maintain an space-saving electronic. Day forward you can import your content directly via a scanner, secure FTP, the online portal, or via our Outlook Plugin.

Searching Digital Documents

After scanning, we can convert your documents to PDF files utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which makes them searchable PDFs. We can also bookmark or index your documents based on any criteria you choose such as name, date, record type, keyword, barcode etc. Properly scanned and indexed documents can be searched for and accessed in a matter of seconds. We can also format your electronic documents appropriately for integration with your current Electronic Document Management System.

What Our Customers Say

Don’t take it from us, hear what some of our customers have to say about how we have transformed their record’s management workflows. Adopting a unified content management protocol can help speed up internal operations and minimize delays in retrieving and deploying information. For 20 years DOMA has been making a difference for organizations just like yours:

We were previously all paper, but DOMA converted all our active and terminated records to electronic format. They have streamlined our daily workflow by providing our data and documents in real time through their content services platform.

HR Manager | The City of Portsmouth

The (DOMA DX Software) technology has allowed Us to consolidate and get rid of Paper equaling 3 stories high. The space previously allocated For storage is now being utilized by over 30 employees as new Office space.

Project Manager | K Force

DOMA helped us to implement a data and document management strategy to increase our productivity and reduce cost by digitizing our documents.

James Blizzard | Newport News Public Schools

CHKD has had a great partnership with DOMA for the last 10+ years. The use of DOMA software and scanning services has eased the shift for our staff as we transitioned from legacy microfilm, to document management.

Mattie Cousins | The Children's Hospital of the King's Daughters

Is your Content Management Plan Disaster-Proof?

Learn More About How Scanning and Migrating to the Cloud Can Protect Your Valuable Data with our 5 Tips for Creating a Business Continuity Plan.

Businesses and institutions like yours are faced with a constant influx of new information. As a result, the challenge of effectively managing an archive of past and present paperwork needs to be addressed. DOMA offers a variety of digital transformation and scanning solutions to ensure your organization has centralized access to all its important records.

Digital documents save you time and space. Share documents effortlessly across your organization and maintain secure control of sensitive data. The improved efficiency that comes with digital transformation is something that can make a marked difference in your daily operations.

Learn More about Content management

Simply put, an electronic records management (ERM) strategy is a set of guidelines that help dictate how your organization handles electronic documentation. ISO standard 15489: 1 : 2016 defines Records Management (RM) as the field of management responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records, including the processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the form of records.  It will often involve protocols for things like:

  • Your preferred management procedures and technologies
  • Long-term and short-term storage policies
  • Distinguishing what records are widely accessible and which need to remain private
  • Creating retention schedules for archived information
  • Determining who within the organization has access to which records
  • Tracking record changes and creating an enforceable chain of custody for document handling

An ERM strategy will be unique to the scale and daily operations of your business. There are many things to consider beyond the above points. For example, compliance and security is a major concern for many industries. Reach out to DOMA if you are interested in a finding out more about how to improve your ERM strategy. 

Electronic Records Management (ERM) allows for better access, security, and compliance, but it requires more than just scanning content and storing it the Cloud. A successful ERM solution involves a dynamic shift in how content is generated, managed, and utilized. It can be daunting to make the leap, but DOMA is equipped to help you at any stage of your digital transformation journey.

Some of the key advantages of deploying an ERM include: 

  • Faster and more accurate records retrieval – avoid hunting through file cabinets and instead retrieve documents with a quick search by keyword
  • Compliance with governing bodies and laws like HIPAA, NARA, ISO, and GDPR
  • Increased collaboration –  Digital documents can be shared instantly
  • Better security – Unlike with paper files a good content management portal will allow you to control who accesses records and track when and where they were accessed 
  • Disaster Protection – Digitizing records and managing them in the Cloud protects you from major data loss due to fire, flood, theft, or other disaster

Your organization may already have an electronic records management strategy, but when is the last time you sat down and analyzed how effective it was? Many organizations have a few procedures in place – such as uploading files to Dropbox to share or scanning and digitally filing contracts. However, this is often not enough to ensure the long-term safety of your content. Even if you have a fully realized content management protocol, there may be opportunities for significant cost savings by switching to a non-licensed based software or by outsourcing your scanning. 

Digital technologies are changing rapidly as are the workloads and the compliance requirements surrounding their use. It’s vital to periodically update your records management strategy to accommodate new needs and challenges. Likewise, taking advantage of new technologies and capabilities can further improve your day to day workflow.  DOMA can help you audit your current procedures and see where there are gaps or areas for improvement. 

Reach Out Today – Contact us by phone, email, or using one of the contact forms on our website. We will connect you with one of our experts and advise you on how to move forward in your records management strategy. Whether you need help with the Cloud or are looking for document conversion via our Digital Services, we are here to help. 

Our GSA Contract Vehicles – As a part of the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules program federal agencies utilize our GSA contract vehicles to make purchasing a DOMA solution simple. As a GSA 36 and GSA Schedule 70 vendor, we can offer you proven solutions with a straightforward pricing model. 

Our Cooperative Contract – If you are within the state of Virginia you may be able to take advantage of our cooperative contract. Using our Cooperative Contract makes the process of procuring services simple and circumvents the need for a lengthy bidding and approval process. 

DOMA offers a variety of technology solutions designed to help make information management easy. 

  • Digital Services including Scanning & Records Conversion from Start to Finish
  • Cloud Services including Migration, Strategy, and Managed Services
  • Healthcare Information Services designed to help with medical records review and claims development/processing  
  • The DOMA Experience (DX) Software Platform is our powerful cloud-based Intelligent Content Services Platform that is delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. It offers organizations a data-centric application to securely capture, manage, and store content across the enterprise and collaborative tools.
Work smarter and automate your processes with DOMA’s DX Software. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) our platform makes it easy to create, collaborate, share, automate, and transform the way you manage your data.

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