Go digital and access all important data and records via an electronic device. As technology becomes even more integrated in daily workflows it makes sense to go paperless.

Talk to us about digital transformation services available to your organization which can boost efficiency, lower your environmental footprint, save money, free up space, and increase security. We’re here to help.

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How DOMA's Document Scanning Services Work

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Secure Pickup & Transfer of Documents

DOMA will coordinate the secure pick-up and transfer of customer’s documents to DOMA’s central processing facility

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Prepping, Scanning, & Indexing of Documents

Documents are prepared specifically to meet project requirements. Documents are then converted electronically with the digital images ensuring the best representation in orientation and legibility. Meta data is populated through lookups, bar-codes zonal OCR, or full-text OCR.

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Quality Control

Various levels of Quality Control are performed throughout the imaging process and /or by a dedicated QA specialist ensuring highest standards of quality and accuracy.

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Instant Access Through DOMA's Cloud Solution

DOMA’s cloud-based document management platform allows for the real-time access of documents during the conversion process. The technology platform offers a unique solution for secure, unlimited access to documents from any internet connection.

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Final Deliverable

Client sign off ensures document management services are secure and comprehensive. The customer can choose to continue to use the platform and add documents day-forward, keep the site live for instant access, or choose to have an export of their data to a multimedia device (DVDs or Hard-drive).


Document Scanning can Change Your Business

Boost Efficiency – When your office is mostly digital, employees can easily access important documents with a simple click from anywhere; workstation, cell phone, or tablet. Staff will no longer have to dig through old file cabinets or folders, resulting in less wasted time searching through storage rooms and cabinets and more time attending to the task in front of them; getting the record to the requester.

Decrease Impact on Environment – Reducing the amount of paper that your office uses can reduce your negative effect on the environment. Not only will it reduce your carbon footprint by using less paper products, ink, toner, file cabinets, and climate controlled floor space, you will reduce other waste – namely time.

Save Money – According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, the average organization spends about $20 in labor to file each paper document, approximately $120 in labor searching for each misfiled document, and $220 in re-creation of a document. Save thousands of dollars per year, year after year, going near paperless

Save Space – Let’s face it—file cabinets are large, unattractive, and have limited storage. Eliminating the need to store paper copies of important records will save space while still having access to all records.

Increase Security – Unfortunately, disasters happen. Floods, fires, and theft are all things that could destroy your office’s ability to function by either releasing confidential information or destroying permanent records. When important documents are stored digitally in the cloud, you decrease the risk that these documents will be stolen or destroyed to nearly zero.


Are Scanning Services Expensive?

To keep you under budget, our scanning services are offered at a reasonable price. Professional Records Digitization costs penny’s per page; around 7-12 cents per page. Other factors can affect the price of your project, including:

  • What kind of scanning are you looking for (OCR, redaction, indexed, non-indexed)?
  • How many pages do you need to scan?
  • What’s the time-frame you’re expecting to start and complete the project?
  • What systems do you have, and do you want these documents to work with/in that system?

DOMA’s Imaging Team, with decades of experience, will be happy to provide direction on on what to digitize and what to not; indexing values to associate with each record, time frame expectations, and so on.

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