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Business Process Outsourcing

For more than 15 years, we have been helping businesses manage their day-to-day operations and automate processes more efficiently through our proprietary technology and business outsourcing services. DOMA, an abbreviation for “Documents Online Made Available”, describes our heritage and currently stands as a representation of our primary business line of service.

Now, more than ever, enterprises rely on data to maintain and grow their business. When you successfully manage data and documents, productivity and cost reduction benefits become real. More productivity, mobility, security, functionality, efficiency and less cost, less hardware, less headaches and less wasted time.

Today’s Challenge

We live in an Information and “Big Data” Age. Yet information and data management has become a fragmented, complex, and difficult to manage efficiently. Very few companies have the experience to integrate electronic records storage, digitization, automated business processing (workflow), data analytics, and data hosting management services.

The Solution

With innovative combinations of technology, expertise in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, information management, and experienced human capital, we dramatically help enterprises improve performance handling forms, documents, faxes, emails, in most information-intensive processes. We can help cut costs by as much as 50% and better improve overall operational efficiency.

Process we support

Business Process Outsourcing - Image Capture

Image capture

Business Process Outsourcing - File Room Elimination

File room elimination

Business Process Outsourcing - Hosted Image Archives

Hosted image archives

Business Process Outsourcing - Data Entry Printed & Handwritten

Data entry printed and handwritten

Business Process Outsourcing - Insurance Claim Procession

Insurance claim procession

Business Process Outsourcing - Inbound Mail Processing

Inbound mail processing

Business Process Outsourcing - Outbound Mail Processing

Outbound mail processing

Business Process Outsourcing - Campaign Management

Campaign management

Business Process Outsourcing - Call Center Outreach for Medical Records

Call center outreach for medical records

Business Process Outsourcing

Other custom processes that are unique to your business

Benefits you receive

  • Services are delivered through a common cloud technology platform
  • Add or change services as required
  • Achieve economies of scale by spreading costs across multiple projects
  • Supported by a matrixed staff to handle fluctuations in volume – compared to your fixed FTE costs
  • Free up your capital and management time so you can invest in core business functions
  • Receive better operational efficiency
  • Instant access to highly qualified staff
  • Reduce your risks associated with business growth
  • Receive cost savings of 25-50% or more
  • Reduced business risk by having us adhere to regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, SAS 70, ISO 9001, and HIPAA standards


Secure Facility with 200+ StaffSecure facility with 200+ staff
Trusted by 100+ Businesses and the Federal GovernmentTrusted by 100+ businesses and the federal government
Highly Qualified Staff with Years of ExperienceHighly qualified staff with years of experience
Guaranteed Confidentiality and Data SecurityGuaranteed confidentiality and data security systems

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