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What's New in the Dashboard

DX 8 Dashboard Screenshot

Customize the new dashboard to display relevant, real-time data about your content and goals

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The New Message Center will alert you about new messages and completed reports 

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Dashboard Widgets, powered by Google Charts, display real-time data snapshots

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Collapsible Menu allows for a flexible, expanded work area

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What's New in Advanced Search

Advanced Search now allows users to apply common search criteria across multiple doc types and entities

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DX 8 Advanced Search Results Screenshot

Easily jump to different pages within your search results. 

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The visual refresh of DX includes a new set of unified icons and graphics 

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Ask questions or get answers via the new help widget. This widget allows users to submit support tickets as well as access in depth tutorials via the Wiki. 

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What's New in the Document Imaging App Lite (DIAL)

DX 8 DIAL Screenshot

Easily view and edit your documents through DIAL. Users can add or adjust metadata through custom fields unique to each document type. 

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DX 8 Merging Docs Screenshot

When adding electronic documents through the UI, users can view and merge images prior to upload. 

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What's New in the Administration Home

DX 8 Groups Edit Screenshot

Admins within your organization can define groups and document/entity access for site users

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What's New in the App Settings

Control your DX preferences from the App Settings

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Adjust display settings on your dashboard to keep the most relevant information within reach

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Adjust DIAL settings to suit your viewing preferences and increase legibility

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Streamline or expand your search results

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What's New in Configuration Home

DX 8 Config Home Screenshot

The site overview snapshot is now visually front and center

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Keep track of your total uploads to better manage your monthly usage

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Information Data Exchange (IDX)


Customize permissions for non-users to upload documents

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Set access expiration parameters to ensure that non-users can only upload within the timeframe you set.

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