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  • Over the years we have been fortunate to work with amazing organizations across different vertical markets. Our customers range from the federal government, such as the Veteran Affairs (VA), Department of Defense (DoD), to healthcare, education, finance, non-profit, legal, transportation services, and utilities companies to name a few.

  • Last year, we experienced a 98 % customer retention rate thanks to our employees hard work and dedication.

The PMR National project was developed to assist the Veteran's Benefit Administration (VBA) in the retrieval of Private Medical Records (PMR) from private healthcare facilities, in order to speed up the process of claim development for Veterans of the Armed Forces. Using the DOMA cloud platform as an electronic record claim repository, DOMA processes thousands of requests per month on behalf of the VA.


One of the largest competitive electricity suppliers in the United States, Reliant contracted DOMA to process all of their Direct Mail(DM) and 3rd page enrollments(3PG) for small business and residential customers. To support this effort, DOMA provides PO Box forwarding, mailroom management, QR/Barcoding and processing services. Over a period of six (6) months, DOMA was able to reduce processing time by 41% while maintaining the quality level at 99%.


Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters contracted DOMA to help digitize all their medical records and provide an electronic secure medical records repository. For more than 10 years, DOMA supports CHKD with business process outsourcing services to include record manifesting, document preparation, medical document scanning, quality control, and electronic storage. To date, DOMA has digitized and managed well over 2.2 million medical records resulting in increased CHKD productivity, performance and profits.


Nevada’s largest employer of people with disabilities, Opportunity Village is a not-for-profit organization that came to DOMA looking to learn the DOMA model and implement document conversion as a new line of business in Las Vegas Nevada. Opportunity Village became the first agency in our partner network and provides meaningful employment to people with disabilities through the implementation of the Document Conversion.

"DOMA plays a vital role in the operation of our PaperPros Document Management Division by providing us the technical expertise to effectively win contracts in the face of increasingly aggressive competition."


The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) came to DOMA with a need for scanning and storing large scale drawings as well as manuals and contracts of different categories. DOMA’s platform has provided VDOT an organized repository where they can securely manage and efficiently search for their drawings and documents by location.


Under this contract with the Newport News Public Schools (NNPS), DOMA’s data and document management platform is used to convert, store and manage Human Resources (HR) records, moving NNPS towards a paper-lite environment. DOMA further provides outsourced document conversion services for current and archived records at DOMA’s Virginia Beach facility. This contract has a period of performance of two years with eight option years.


As a temporary staffing company specializing in the ship repair industry, ISS contracted DOMA to help them implement a cloud based electronic document management system to better manage paper-based employee records. Today, ISS leverages DOMA’s technology to scan employee files into our cloud based data and document management platform. Team members now spend more time searching and recruiting new candidates, while processing and filling job orders more efficiently in an electronic fashion. This adds directly to ISS’s bottom line.


"I can’t imagine my work day without DOMA! We have been using the document management software platform for over six years on a daily basis and it has allowed us to streamline our everyday operations. Our Property Management and Leasing staff can view, access and retrieve documents at the click of a button without leaving our desk. I believe that anyone in the real estate industry could greatly benefit from their services."


"Partnering with DOMA gave us instant credibility and resources to offer our customers Cloud Storage of documents. The DOMA team has a “can do” attitude and are our technology solution while we provide the labor needs."


"DOMA is a very professional organization that has the customers’ best interest at all times. From the top to the bottom of the organization they are all very helpful, courteous, and always professional. They stick with you when explaining things no matter how many times you ask the same question until you are sure you understand what you are trying to accomplish. Keep the good work up."


"When corporate needs to review a chart, DOMA’s content management system is great! Easy to use and nice people in customer service."


"I’m very impressed with the upload time from scanning a document to searching and viewing it in the cloud. Finding a provider file is now an effortless task."


"DOMA has helped us make enormous progress in our record management. Simple navigation and secure online access allow our staff to assemble, scan, code and store patient encounters as part of our hospital wide information system. Having DOMA’s online solution has decreased our physical record pulls by 80%. The DOMA platform has allowed us to focus on higher priority medical record functions more expeditiously."


"The patient record tool combined with DOMA’s great support staff is the best document storage solution in the market. The intuitive interface of the system makes using this tool simple. Now all our data is only one click away. We have greatly increased our process efficiency and reduced the amount of staff time required to manage patient documentation."