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with AI

More Data. Higher Quality. Better Decisions

Transform your Data

Realize the true value of more accessible business data. Implement strategies that will accelerate all aspects of your organization to the next level.

Capture Data Like Never Before

We can help you collect and find hidden data pulling content from across your organization.

Unlock Deeper Insights

Aggregate and discover relationships between your unstructured information like text ,video, audio, images and more.

Find Freedom in Automation

Automating your data tasks within your process workflows means focusing your team on more impactful things.

Enable Actionable AI

Leverage our cutting edge data extraction capabilities to create better AI training data for platforms like LLMs or Generative AI.

Every Digital Transformation Journey is different and DOMA is here to help you discover what tools you need to evolve.​

We are wayfinders for your unique journey.

Bring your concepts to life with rapid prototyping and development for free.​


Experience a company culture where everyone feels welcomed, valued, & challenged to be the best they can be.​

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