An Interview with DOMA & Dragon's Ricardo Hughley

November 15, 2022

We interviewed DOMA’s own Ricardo Hughley who started DOMA & Dragons, our tabletop role-playing game group that meets every month.

Ricardo Hughley

Ricardo Hughley

Claims Support Representative II/DM

“I’ve gotten to know so many new coworkers, see new faces, and share something that I hold dear with so many different people.”

Ricardo Hughley

Claims Support Representative II/DM

Since it started, the group has been a big success. It’s gotten so large that one adventure couldn’t contain its numbers. They now have several games running at once and even their own DOMA & Dragons t-shirts. Considering the group’s success, we wanted to hear from the founder, Ricardo Hughley, here’s what he had to say:

What made you come up with the idea to do a DOMA DnD group?
The idea for DOMA and Dragons was somewhat of a culmination of my love for the game, a desire to introduce it to people who are unfamiliar with it, but curious and the knowledge that there is a large group of people who work here and share the same passion. We figured that if we had this many people here who were interested, why not see if we can make it work?
Why do you love D&D?
I love D&D because of all the different aspects that come along with it. There’s cooperative storytelling, character-building, world-building, and tons and tons of lore and legends to introduce and expand upon. I love that while there is a story with an end goal in mind, there are countless situations that could arise during the campaign that can throw players and the DM for a loop and have things turn on a dime, which can make for some very exciting storytelling.
What are some of your favorite moments from the campaign so far?
I can’t say that there’s one particular moment that I’ve enjoyed more than others. I suppose it’s more so that I love seeing the group get excited when they find new loot or get the finishing strike on an enemy. I love seeing them engage with each other while in character and watching drama build to a head until it inevitably reaches a tipping point.
Has the group improved your work life?
I would say that it has absolutely improved my work life. I’ve gotten to know so many new coworkers, see new faces, and share something that I hold dear with so many different people—knowing that there are so many people here that share the same love for the game and appreciate all that you do as DM is a fantastic feeling, especially when it’s with faces that you see every day.
Is there anything else you would like to say?
To anyone who may be interested in D&D or isn’t quite sure if it’s for them; give it a shot. It may turn out that you love it!
We appreciate Ricardo’s initiative in starting DOMA & Dragons and hope they continue on their adventures for a long time. 

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