Large Format & Alternative Media Scanning

Legacy formats and large documents are often challenging to scan in-house. DOMA's team has both the tools and training to convert complex scanning projects into high-fidelity digital archives. Protect your valuable information while also making it more accessible through scanning.

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Protect Your Valuable Content

Paper records take up valuable space and are vulnerable to damage from disaster, theft, or mishandling. Additionally, large documents can be damaged when rolled or folded to fit into flat files. Scanning can preserve and protect your important records.

Re-Enable Access to Obsolete Media

Microfilm, VHS, compact disks (CDs), and other outmoded forms of media all require specialized equipment to access and view. By converting your analog records into a digital format they remain accessible within the Cloud.

Capture Key Data

DOMA's scanning solutions can provide more than just flat images. Our AI-enabled OCR scanning process can capture form field data, barcodes, and more without losing context. Invoice numbers or form codes can be used to automatically sort your documents to make finding and using them simple.

The Challenge with In House Scanning

Converting unusual media forms such as analog video, large architectural drawings, or film often requires special equipment that most businesses don’t have access to. DOMA can provide high-fidelity conversion for nearly any media type without you needing to purchase any specialized tools. 

Specialized Media:

  • Video
  • Compact Disk
  • Film & Transparencies
  • Microfilm & Microfiche
  • Medical Imaging
  • Delicate Historical Records

Odd-Sized Documents:

  • Books & Booklets
  • Bound, Stapled, or Folded Documents
  • ID Cards or Business Cards
  • Architectural or Engineering Drawings
  • Posters, Maps, Or Survey Images
  • Oddly Shaped Notes or Tags
Past Performance
DOMA helped the Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters (CHKD) transition away from microfilm to a cloud-based solution that allows CHKD employees instant, secure access to internal documents and patient records.
We have a wide range of past performance with unusual media types and have provided the following benefits to our customers:
  • Experience obsolete media in a new, accessible format without the need for additional equipment such as projectors, VCRs, or compact disk readers.
  • Archive valuable or historical content and preserve it for future generations
  • Consolidate your analog and digital records for a more comprehensive approach to records management

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  • 6 Records Center Boxes
  • Two 4-Foot File Drawers
  • 20 4" Binders

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