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Since 2000, DOMA has helped Public Sector, Federal, Education, and Commercial customers with their journey to the Cloud. 

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DOMA's Cloud Migration Process

DOMA can help you develop and deploy a customized roadmap to the Cloud. 

DOMA has developed a proven four step process will make your journey to the cloud a smooth one. 


DOMA’s AWS Assessment process will help you pinpoint workloads for migration & determine current infrastructure challenges. We will work with you to identify stakeholders and analyze the costs associated with migraitng.

Discovery Delivery

After completing the assessment process with an agentless discovery tool, we will deliver our findings to help you understand the total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as migration options and recommendations.

AWS Immersion Day

AWS Immersion Day workshops are day-long, in-person workshop that AWS Solutions Architects created to help customers walk through different areas of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Proof of Concept

In step four we will launch your first (or next) cloud project. This step will vary based on your project, but you can trust DOMA to implement and maintain whatever cloud services you need. 

Join us for a Webinar

DOMA’s Roadmap to the Cloud webinar will walk you through our proven approach to cloud migration. This four step approach includes an assessment, delivery of findings, immersion day, and proof of concept. DOMA cloud expert Dwayne Tharp will explain each step in detail and discuss the benefits of this four part strategy.

Learn more about the Cloud Assessment

Validate your cloud migration before starting your implementation

The AWS assessment is key to a successful cloud journey. A DOMA cloud assessment will help you:

  • Make better migration decisions – from information gathered from discovery tools and stakeholder interviews.
  • Compare current on-premises infrastructure – versus AWS instance options and price points to identify areas for improvement and cost savings.
  • Identify strengths, pain-points and goals – so you can determine the best next steps for modernizing.


City of Port St. Lucie Case Study

Learn about DOMA's Role with
the City of Port St. Lucie

City of Port St. Lucie

The city of Port St. Lucie anticipates savings of over 42% on hosting costs by migrating to the Cloud with DOMA.

DOMA migrated a PSL SQL-based application to
Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS). RDS provides
cost-efficient and resizable capacity while automating
time-consuming administration tasks such as hardware
provisioning, database setup, patching, and backups.

DOMA Solutions

Benefits of DOMA's Cloud Migration

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DOMA is a Trusted AWS Partner

As an AWS consulting partner DOMA has significant experiencing deploying cloud solution within the AWS cloud. We can help you realize benefits such as:

  • DOMA's team has a deep understanding of AWS' catalog of offerings
  • We serve as single point of contact for all your cloud needs
  • Continuous optimization according to the most up-to-date AWS practices
  • AWS is a highly secure, reliable platform - the most trusted in the industry
  • Non-Disruptive Discovery Tools

    DOMA analyzes your current on-premises data center environment using third party, best of breed migration rightsizing and modernization solutions through agentless discovery. Those tools deploy in less than an hour, to virtu- ally any data source and do not compromise the security or privacy of your data.

    20+ Years of Experience

    DOMA has over two decades of experience providing cloud solutions to organizations across every industry. From commercial business to federal agencies we can tailor a solution to meet you goals and compliance needs. 

    Cost Optimization

    The cost of migrating to the cloud can be a barrier for many organizations. We will help you find the most affordable but effective path forward and offer guidance on keeping your ongoing total cost of ownership within budget. 

    Improved Agility

    We build solutions with agility in mind. This means you can experience a faster time to market for your product offerings. Additionally, the Cloud helps you to future-proof your business by keeping you equipped with the latest AI tools and strategies.

    Speak with a DOMA AWS Certified Solutions Architect and leverage tools and resources to help you determine your next steps.