Scanning as a Solution for K-12 Records Retention

The need to manage traditional paper records while also adapting to advances in document management technology can be a challenge for education professionals. Educators end up caught in the middle - required to navigate an antiquated analog system and an ever-evolving electronic records management platform. Document scanning can help your institution eliminate the large backfiles of student and faculty records that are holding you back so that you can focus on what matters most - education.

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Virginia State Cooperative Contract

Thanks to our Virginia Cooperative Contract, DOMA is ready to get your K-12 scanning project underway quickly. Your institution can leverage straightforward, competitive pricing without the need to undergo a bidding process. This translates to considerable savings of both time and money for your school or state agency.

Comply with Records Retention Guidelines

Many of the paper files schools handle, such as transcripts, are permanent records and must be kept indefinitely. Over the years these permanent records add up to warehouses of boxes that are difficult to access and expensive to store. Converting these historical records to a digital format can help you comply with records retention guidelines while also saving you money.

Compliance & Information Security Made Simple

Student and faculty records typically contain personally identifiable information (PII). They can also contain protected health information (PHI) in the case of immunization records or medical waivers. It's vitally important that this information is protected and handled with care. DOMA's scanning team and help you with a compliant and secure solution for both document scanning and day forward access.

Scanning Makes Information Accessible

Records requests are an ongoing challenge for many institutions. Often former students are requesting records that could be decades old and difficult to locate. Scanning can make it easier to manage a wide range of educational records including:

  • Attendance Registers
  • Faculty Evaluations
  • Student Records
  • Transcripts
  • Disciplinary Records
  • Immunization Records
  • Report Cards
  • Budgets and Audits
  • Admissions Records
  • Exams & Learning Plans
  • IEP & 504 Plans
  • Waivers or Student Intervention Plans
K-12 Past Performance

Newport News Public Schools needed a cohesive plan for converting a large volume of paper records into digital format. DOMA deployed a unified strategy across 5 departments for consistent backfile scanning. We have helped many educational institutions make the transition to digital records and have helped them realize the following benefits:

  • Instant access to all documents as they are scanned to minimize clerical challenges during the school year
  • Fully searchable records that are protected from disaster, theft, or loss
  • Massive savings in both money and space when compared to the storage of paper documents
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Records conversion doesn’t have to be complicated. DOMA can help you convert current paper records and modernize with digital solutions that minimize your dependence on paper. Contact us today or book a quick discovery call.


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