Medical and HR Records Scanning

Medical and HR professionals face many of the same challenges when it comes to records management, mainly protecting protected health information (PHI) & personally identifiable information (PII). DOMA is prepared to help your organization scan and centralize patient and personnel records for easy, secure access.

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Disaster Protection

Paper records take up valuable space and are vulnerable to damage from disaster, theft, or mishandling. With HIPAA compliant digitization, DOMA can convert medical files, lab reports, and billing documentation into fully searchable digital documents that are securely stored in the cloud for instant access.

Superior Information Insight

OCR scanned digital documents are both more legible and simple to search. Automation and advanced search can help you pinpoint important information quickly. Use parameters like dates, keywords, and contextual information to aggregate valuable data almost instantly.

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Consolidate Alternative Media

Our scanning team is equipped to scan a wide range of media types including film, microfiche, id cards, and other forms of medical imaging. Similarly, forms are another type of paper media that can be challenging to convert, but AI powered OCR can easily capture and transfer form fields within context.

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PHI & PII Security

Protecting private information is essential to maintain industry compliance and build trust between your institution and patients, employees, and customers. DOMA's secure process has been trusted by major hospital networks, government institutions, and private businesses to ensure HIPAA compliant records conversion.

Secure, Fast Document Conversion

DOMA is equipped to scan any and all paper documentation and convert it into a digital format that is searchable and secure. Similarly, we can easily migrate your physical records and your digital ones into a convenient cloud-based platform for instant access.

Medical Documentation We Scan:

  • Patient Records
  • Films, X-Rays, and Other Diagnostic Imaging
  • Release of Information Requests
  • Consent Forms
  • Billing and Financial Documents
  • Immunization Records
  • Policies, Waivers, & Other Forms 

HR Documentation We Scan:

  • Personnel Records
  • Resumes and Applications
  • Work Policies & Procedures
  • Non-disclosures & Contracts
  • Payslips and Tax Information
  • Complaints & Incident Reports
  • Employee Forms & Disclosures
Medical Case Study
DOMA has helped make medical access records simple for both large hospital networks and smaller private practices. DOMA has provided the following benefits to our medical customers:
  • Eliminated the need to store outdated media formats such as microfilm
  • Provided instant, HIPAA compliant access to both historical and digital records within the Cloud
  • Expedited medical claims processing times on behalf of our nation’s veterans through our Private Medical Records Program
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HR Discussion
HR Case Study
Human Resources professionals are inundated with paperwork. Scanning can help put vital information within easy reach to expedite the hiring process, maintain better employee records, and improve policy access company-wide:
  • Instantly populate digital forms with AI enabled OCR scanning.
  • Eliminate the need to manually sort through resumes or policy documents while still maintaining retention schedules and security compliance standards.
  • Automate clerical tasks as a part of your digital workflow after scanning.

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Affordable Records Scanning

Records conversion doesn’t have to be complicated. DOMA can help you convert current paper records and modernize with digital solutions that minimize your dependence on paper. Contact us today or book a quick discovery call.


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