PMR: Private Medical Records Program

Serving our Veterans with Medical Claims Processing

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Serving Veterans Since 2014

A major part of keeping the VA disability program running is establishing a continuity of treatments for veterans. In order to validate disability claims, private medical records (PMRs) need to be located, validated, and then sent to the appropriate claims professionals at the VA. 

DOMA helps expedite this process by using our cloud-based DX software to capture, filter, index, provide ad-hoc reporting, and ultimately route the appropriate medical information. This has expedited the claims process that could take over 40 days to just 12 days or less. 


The Private Medical Records Program

In support of the Department of Veterans Affairs, DOMA’s Claims Development program has positively impacted millions of Veterans. The Private Medical Record (PMR) project accelerates the collection and adjudication of medical documentation from Veterans who have received medical care in the private medical community.

“Our Undersecretary for Benefit’s top three priorities are: providing Veterans with the benefits they have earned in a manner that honors their service; ensuring we are strong fiscal stewards of the money entrusted to us while aggressively advocating on behalf of our Veterans, and fostering a culture of collaboration. Through this collaborative venture with DOMA, we are serving veterans in a timelier manner and at the cost of roughly 40% cheaper than our original business model.”

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Frank Kush

VA Program Manager

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Contacting Providers

The DOMA team can directly reach out to medical providers to gather essential medical documents. Our PMR program staff are thoroughly trained in handling and processing sensitive medical information.

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Medical Records Processing

DOMA's DX software is used to aggregate and process all of the required documentation. This may include digitizing paper records, OCR data extraction, indexing, meta data tagging, and more.

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Submission to the VA

Once all of the records required to complete a veteran's claim have been gathered, they are then securely submitted directly to the VA to continue the claims process.

How the PMR Program Works

Dedicated to Innovation to Support the VA

There are five primary steps to completing a veteran’s claim:

  • Veteran Submits Claims and Opts for VA to obtain Records
  • VA Initial Claims Review
  • Evidence Gathering (The PMR Process)
  • Claim Review & Decision
  • Notification to Veteran

DOMA’s PMR program is focused on the evidence gathering portion of this process. This is often to lengthiest part of completing a claim and so DOMA deploys the latest technology and cloud tools to ensure records are quickly, accurately, and securely submitted to the VA so that veterans receive their benefits more quickly.

During evidence gathering, Claims Support Representatives (CSRs) from DOMA may directly interface with 56 VA Regional Offices, 3 VA Pension Management Centers, and the VA Appeals Management Center as well as thousands of healthcare providers, and third-party organizations nationwide. 


Dedicated to Serving those who Served

Most of the work for this contract will be performed in DOMA’s Virginia Beach, VA facility, with a specialized workforce comprised of some of our nation’s veterans.

DOMA’s PMR program manager, Kelly Long, is herself a combat Army veteran who is driven to make a difference in the lives of our nation’s veterans.  

“We are honored and privileged to serve our Veteran community since 2010 and are keenly aware of how this program will positively impact the claims process. We remain committed to serving our Veterans and beneficiaries with the highest level of quality and customer care. It’s an honor to receive this National contract for a 2nd term.”

Pat Feliciano

President & Founder of DOMA

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DOMA is Thankful for our Military

This Thanksgiving DOMA is proud to have partnered with Troopster to pack and deliver 200 care packages to deployed military personnel.

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