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Watch a Video on How to Upload Documents

The video below will show you the basic process for uploading documents. This video uses a staging site to protect the security of our PMR system – navigate to (not the URL shown). The video does not include sound, but you can follow along with the written directions below the video. 

Download Step by Step Instructions

How to Upload Your Claims Documents

Uploading your documents is simple. Follow the directions below or download the PDF instructions to get started.

  1. Locate your Passcode – You will have received this by email. Example: pmrv3etr@n
  2. Navigate to you cannot upload documents on, so ensure you are on the correct web address. 
  3. Enter your Passcode, Click Submit
  4. Upload Files – you can click Choose Files, navigate to the files, and click Open or drag and drop files into the window.
  5. View File & Add a Note if Needed – After you select/drop in a file, you will be able to see your file size and add a note if desired.
  6. Click Upload – Make sure to click Upload when complete
  7. Load More Files if Desired – you can now select Add More Documents to add additional files
  8. Log Out – Select Log Out in the upper right-hand corner when complete

Frequently Asked Questions

You must navigate to or fax to 1-844-632-5093.

Our corporate site does not have an upload portal.

If you are looking for general information about benefits and eligibility, you should visit our website at Otherwise, you can contact us in several ways. Please give us your VA file number when you contact us.

  • Call us at 1-800-827-1000, VA National Call Center
  • If you use a Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD), the Federal number is 711 (The international number is 1-800-829-4833)
  • Call us at 1-412-395-6272, Foreign Veterans Call Center

If you are responding to a request for medical records, please contact us at:

File types supported include standard image files such as .tif, .pdf, .doc, .txt, .jpg, .png, .bmp, etc. File types presenting potential security risks, such as .exe,.dll, .vbs, .bat, etc., are not supported.

PMR Vault allows a maximum of 25 files to be uploaded during a single session. The maximum “total” file size limitations are 500MB.

Please contact our Help Desk via email at DOMA Help Center to include a name and number so that we can contact you.

No. Once files are uploaded, you will receive an acknowledgment and listing of those files uploaded, but viewing the files is not possible.


In November 2010, the VBA implemented the Private Medical Records (PMRs) pilot program to improve timeliness for the receipt of private medical records. This pilot program is currently implemented in nine VA Regional Offices (VAROs): Chicago, Indianapolis, Jackson, New York, Phoenix, Portland, Waco, Houston, and St. Louis. VBA has contracted DOMA Technologies, LLC (DOMA) to support the pilot program, currently in Phase II.

We have supporting documentation to certify that we are acting on behalf of the VA:  DOMA is under contract by the Veterans Benefits Administration to contribute to the disability claims development process by assisting in the retrieval of Private Medical Records from private healthcare providers (PHPs). A copy of DOMA’s Letter of Agent is available [here].

Technically the system will allow this; however, each passcode is unique to an individual record request. Therefore you should ONLY use the specific passcode included with the record request for the specific patient. Do not use the same passcode to submit records for multiple individuals. Passcodes do have an expiration period of 45 days from the date they were created. Depending upon when you received your passcode, you can continue using this passcode until the 45 days have expired.

Though it is faster to upload records, you can mail them to this address:

PO Box 5230

Janesville, WI 53547

Contact Us

For more information or technical support regarding the PMR portal please contact:


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