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Extract both handwritten & typed text from standardized forms to expedite tasks

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DX Pinpoint is a powerful tool that extracts both handwriting and typed text from standardized forms

What is DX Pinpoint?

DX Pinpoint is a Machine Learning (ML), Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) microservice that extracts both handwriting and typed text from standardized forms. 

DX Pinpoint:

  • Detects both typed & handwritten text

  • Identifies table elements, key-value pairs, signatures, forms & form versions

  • Returns a confidence score for everything it identifies so you can make informed decisions on how to leverage results

  • Incorporates data scrubbing techniques

  • Is configurable to leverage supporting and cross-referencing data in a variety of formats, increasing data quality & confidence

  • Includes a seamless user interface human-in-the-loop functionality where data elements can be tagged for manual review when confidence scores fall below predefined thresholds that are customizable down to the data element level  

Here’s an Example:

The DX Pinpoint service has been used to help automatically index data fields and identify forms to reduce human intervention in the enrollment of medical services.


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