DX Metaphrase

Quickly & accurately translate language to text ​

DX Metaphrase helps your accurately and quickly translate text.


DX Metaphrase is a machine translation microservice that delivers fast, high-quality, affordable, and customizable language translation accurately to text.


  • Supports up to 75 languages

  • Uses deep learning for better accuracy

  • Protected by SSL encryption

  • Language detection

Accurately & Reliably Translate Text From


  • Court Records & Legal Discovery

  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Lien Filings

  • Purchase Orders & Credit Card Statements

  • Medical Records & Insurance Forms

  • Clinical Research

  • Transcripts & Student Records

  • FOIA requests or Release of Information requests

DX Metaphrase helps our processors automatically translate foreign-related Medical Records that we receive in foreign languages into English. Metaphrase provides accurate immediate translations to assist medical adjudicators process disability claims in English.

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