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DOMA has developed a provider network of over 925,000 different private healthcare providers & practice groups.

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 Our customer base spans the Federal Government, hospital systems, private physician practices, and large payer/provider networks. We specialize in data and content capture, medical records review, and claims development and processing.  We have also positioned ourselves as leaders in Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data compliance and security.

Health Information Exchange (HIE) ​

Exchange medical provider retrieval services 

DOMA’s healthcare information services include medical records outreach, claims development and processing, and revenue cycle management.

We can cut to the heart of complex problems and offer targeted micro-solutions that help make medical data more accessible. Whether you are still struggling with archives of paper files, or have transitioned to digital records, but need additional workflow support, our expertly trained team can help your institution deliver faster claims processing, simplified records management, and ultimately better patient care.

Feedback from the Healthcare Industry

Medical Data & Presumptive Condition Classification Services​

DX Reveal: Summary Service

Our DX Reveal: Summary is a service that combines relevant information, which is defined by a provided dataset, from multiple sources to create a single comprehensive summary document.

An Example of How it Works:

A new veteran-related law can take advantage of a presumptive list that would automatically approve a veteran’s medical request. Using a presumptive list that includes specific language and symptoms, DOMA is able to use our DX Reveal: Summary Service to consolidate several medical documents for a Veteran into a single summary that would tell an end user whether the Veteran could be automatically approved for a presumptive.


The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) implemented the Private Medical Records (PMR) Retrieval Program to improve timeliness for the receipt of medical records in support of a Veterans’ or Dependent of a Veterans’ claim for disability benefits. 


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