DX Reveal

Intelligent digitization for a digital world

DOMA’s approach fully automates the ingest, classification, extraction, tagging, redaction, translation and summarization of unstructured information.


DX Reveal uses state-of-the-art Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Computer Vision models integrated and working seamlessly to support the ingest and digitization of information to uncover and provide powerful insights. Don’t just scan and store your information. Think revolutionary and unleash the power of data within seconds!


  • AI led ingest to adapt to any formats
  • Digital conversation, extraction and tagging
  • AI-based text narratives, summarization
  • Relationships and linkages between information
  • Generative AI dynamic search and questions
  • Classification and redaction
  • Interoperable to act as a backend processing engine or utilize the intuitive user interface
DX Software Medical Mock-up on Laptop

A Fully Digital Health Record -Health Use Case

Our medical version of the microservice, DX Reveal MD+, detects multiple forms, documents, handwriting, foreign languages, DICOM images to digitize, classify, extract, redact and summarize  medications, medical conditions, anatomy, medical tests, treatments, prescriptions, lab results, and procedures .   DX Reveal MD+ can also provide clinical data extraction and summarization of clinical codes such as  such as RxNorm, ICD-10-CM, and SNOMEDCT providing the information in FHIR compliant data formats to support healthcare interoperability standards. The dashboard can interface with other medical systems, make inferences about diagnoses, flag patients who may need extra care, etc. The integration of Generative AI search features to the digitized health record allows the ability to dynamically and quickly ask questions about the record.

Digital Case Files – Law Enforcement and Legal Use Case

DX Reveal’s integration of technologies such as data extraction, tagging, and generative AI has the potential to revolutionize police and attorney offices by transforming the way  case files are created and managed enabling dynamic “digital case files” . These advanced tools can automate the tedious process of extracting pertinent information from vast amounts of data (records, documents, images, videos), accurately tag and categorize information for easy retrieval, and use generative AI to synthesize and summarize complex case materials, providing insights on past cases or linkages between information. This not only significantly reduces the time and resources required to prepare and manage case files but also enhances the accuracy and accessibility of information. Law enforcement and legal professionals can now dynamically ask questions directly within the files creating a fully immersive way to understand and interpret the thousands of pages associated with a case.

An intelligent Digital Library - Local and State Government Use Case

The DX Reveal approach offers a transformative opportunity for city and state governments to revolutionize the creation and management of digital libraries. By automating the process of extracting relevant information from a large corpus of documents and information, tagging it with precise metadata for effortless search and retrieval, and employing generative AI to generate summaries and insights, these technologies promise to vastly improve the efficiency and accessibility of governmental archives and public records. This not only streamlines the management of information, reducing operational costs and saving valuable time, but also enhances transparency and accessibility for citizens, fostering a more informed and engaged community. From urban planning public safety to public health and regulatory insights. DX Reveal’s advancements enable city and state governments to better serve their constituents, ensuring that vital information is both secure and readily available to those who need it.

We are very proud of what DX Reveal can do. Recently, a new healthcare law was passed for Veterans allowing a presumptive list to be used to approve their medical requests automatically. Using a presumptive list that includes specific language and symptoms, DOMA can use DX Reveal- Summary Service to consolidate several medical documents for a veteran into a single summary that would tell an end-user whether the veteran could be automatically approved for a presumptive. We are excited that DX Reveal can expedite this process for Veterans.​

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