DX Autonomous

Automate Tasks & Move Data Faster

DX Autonomous helps identify relevant data and automate tasks using AI.


DX Autonomous is an Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) microservice that combines scripting with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) to perform repetitive, swivel chair tasks as a human would, like industry-standard RPA solutions.


  • Highly Interoperable

  • Seamless human-in-the-loop functionality for quality control tasks

  • Make intelligent business decisions based on complex business logic and data sets

Highly Interoperable

DX Autonomous can be configured to access and navigate disparate systems via user interfaces, resulting in Synthetic APIs that mimic traditional APIs when those APIs are not readily available or are cost-prohibitive.

Use Case

DX Autonomous can be used to streamline standard processes that take up time across a wide range of industries.

Utilizing DX Autonomous, our service automatically logs in to nationwide medical portal health exchanges to extract patient medical information and download medical records for disability processing without human intervention, saving valuable time and money.

Healthcare:  Optimize information management, prescription management, insurance claim processing and payment cycles, release of information, among other processes.

Insurance:  RPA can be applied to claims processing operations, regulatory compliance, policy management and underwriting tasks.

Retail:  Customer relationship management, warehouse and order management, customer feedback processing and fraud detection.

Financial: Financial institutions leverage RPA automation solutions to automate tasks, such as customer research, account opening, inquiry processing and data entry.

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