At DOMA we strive to honor those who go above and beyond through our Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) and Impact Award Programs. These programs are managed by DOMA Driven and are announced during Town Hall.


1. Add Value Every Day

2. Evolve & Adapt

3. Whatever it Takes

4. Servant's Heart

5. We Win as a Team

6. Celebrate

Setting an Example:



A Look Into the Future

DOMA Technologies’ Employee Recognition Program was designed to provide recognition to those employees who go above and beyond their normal job duties and exemplify the organization’s core values. DOMA Employees can nominate a fellow co-worker who has gone above and beyond. Outstanding employees deserve to be recognized both as a reward for exceptional performance and as a model to other employees. 


  • 1 year of service as a full-time employee
  • In good company standing (no Written Warnings within the last 12 months) 


  • $250 Bonus in your paycheck
  • Employee of the Quarter Parking Spot
    (at the building they typically work at Seahawk|LBD)
  • DOMA Swag
  • One Administrative Day Off
  • Employee of the Quarter Certificate

Making a Difference:



The Impact Award is presented to employees who make significant contributions to work processes or in the work-life of other team members.

This recognition can only be nominated by Executive Management, Managers and Supervisors (EMS).  Then nominations are reviewed and approved by Executive Management. There is no schedule for this recognition.  It will be awarded as its earned by employees, whether that’s once a month or multiple times in a week.

This will help us to continue to recognize employees who are making significant and impactful contributions at DOMA.  And it will serve as motivation to others to continue to think outside the box and give their best every day.

In order to nominate an employee, please complete a brief form by clicking the Nominate button below:

Our Dream Tream



Every member of the DOMA team is an important asset so being awarded EOQ or receiving an Impact Award is an accomplishment truly worth celebrating. See who has gone above and beyond at DOMA:

LeGary Aeternum

LeGary Aeternum

Project Support Assistant for PMR

Congratulations to our Winter Employee of the Quarter LeGary Aeternum!

LeGary’s Nominator, Zachary Payne, had this to say about how he represents DOMA’s values and why he deserves to be the employee of the quarter:

“LeGary has made it a point to go above and beyond in his duties, as a member of leadership and as a member of PMR. He has continued to manage the Active Partnership program and has always been willing to work extra hours or cover another manager for closing or on a Saturday if necessary. He also handles the DOMA Game Night, the last Friday of every month where everyone is welcome. We bring a variety of games and people are free to play whatever they want. It’s a great time for people to come together and enjoy fun games and good food.”

Words from LeGary:

What is your current position with DOMA?

I am currently a Project Support Assistant for PMR.

How long have you been with us?

I started as a temporary employee in June of 2021 and was hired on full-time in October of 2021.

What do you like most about working at DOMA?

This has been the most flexible work environment that I’ve ever been in. I get to see people from different walks of life and enjoy a progressive workforce.

You were nominated and ultimately selected to be DOMA’s Employee of the Quarter because you embody DOMA’s values: Add Value Every Day, Whatever it Takes, and Celebrate.  Which one of the values do you think you most represent and why?

Whatever it Takes. I spend most of my days here to ensure that everybody is on board with the vision of DOMA. I am always willing to help and love helping everybody each day. If I can leave every day knowing that I have helped out my team, then that makes my day.

Do you have anything else you would like to add?

Everyone should start attending more DOMA events. DOMA is changing for the better and we are constantly progressing. It’s time that everyone gets together and unites as one. COVID is behind us and it’s time that we get back together to support DOMA’s future.


Interested in seeing more about our DOMA Culture programs or maybe joining the team? Check out our careers page to find out more.

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