Custom Platform Development

Our in-house development team can bring your ideas to life.

Our Capabilities

Platforms that Inspire, Innovate, & Integrate

With custom platform development you receive a product exactly tailored to your business needs and long-term goals. Our platforms:

  • Deliver Unique Functionality
  • Employ the Latest Technology Tools & Methodologies
  • Are Built Start to Finish by On-site Team
  • Include Exhaustive Testing, Reporting, & Tracking

Case Study

The City of Virginia Beach's Signature Solution

The city of Virginia Beach was struggling to capture signatures on important government forms. Their previous Docusign solution was not compatible with mobile signatures and citizens were not engaging with or completing forms.

DOMA provided a lightweight eSignature solution that automatically delivered forms via SMS text message or email. This allowed for immediate, simple mobile signatures from any touch capable device. DOMA’s eSignature platform has been rolled out city-wide because it is cheaper, faster, and more user friendly than any other available option.

Go Beyond Platforms

Experience rapid prototyping with Edge Lab

DOMA’s development offerings extend beyond just platform development. Our talented team can apply their expertise to help you conceptualize and validate your creative concepts for mobile applications, widgets, digital workflows, and much more. This complimentary service can help drive innovation for your organization, so reach out with your ideas today.


We encourage you to find out more about the DOMA Experience and how we can make a difference for your organization.


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