Digital Transformation

DOMA is an industry leader in digital transformation strategies that drive sustainable modernization.

DOMA has a proven history of developing and applying new technologies to digitize and transform data; streamline and automate business processes and modernize agencies within the Cloud.​

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Data Management & Visualization

Records Management & Digitization

Intelligent Data Capture & Process Automation

Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

Electronic Health Record Deployment & Integration

Expertise, Management & Business Process Automation​

DOMA’s focus is helping organizations perform better by using new technologies to create and automate business processes to meet changing business and market requirements. We optimize business processes using decision-based automation and customized workflows that are tailored to user needs and meet stakeholder expectations. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach. Our automation solutions are scalable and configured to help you meet your industry specific goals.​

Impact on our customers:

  • Cloud-native technology ensures our BPA strategies are easily scalable, flexible, and targeted
  • Reduced investment in human labor spent on tedious tasks
  • Higher level of accuracy through intelligent automation

Enterprise Content Management​

DOMA builds transformative electronic content management strategies and solutions for organizations of any size. We are experts in developing tailored solutions that help you digitize, organize, store, and collaborate on your content and records in a centralized and secure cloud environment. ​

Impact on our customers:

  • Improved collaboration enterprise-wide
  • Secure, up to date records access is easier to audit
  • Considerable cost savings over on-site, analog records management
  • Better content access with fully searchable documents
  • Superior records security – role based access ensures that proprietary or sensitive information remains safe

Data Engineering & Analytics​

At DOMA, we develop innovative solutions that help our customers collect, store, and analyze data at scale. Our solutions are critical for visualizing your data and transforming it into useful information for better decision making. ​

Impact on our customers:

  • Empowers users across your organization with better data
  • Deeper data insight and trend recognition
  • Predictive analytics for fast, effective decisions


We encourage you to find out more about the DOMA Experience and how we can make a difference for your organization.


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