Meet the Team

We are a team of technologists, developers, designers, strategists, and visionary thinkers. Together, we create and execute innovative solutions, integrating our diverse expertise to drive success

Pat Feliciano

President & Founder

Chris Hutcheson

Chief Operating Officer

Chandler Pitcher

Chief Information Officer

Ian Checcio

Chief Relationship Officer

Wayne DeAtley

Senior VP of Contracts

Alex Payne

Vice President of Sales

Alex Feliciano

Vice President of Product

Nick Marchand

Chief Growth Officer

Matt Tyler

Director of Capture

Caitlin Granger

Director of Program Management

Darren Johnson

Director of Software Development

Jennifer Wright

Director of Human Resources

Josh Borum

Director of Major Accounts

Kim Kola

Director Business & Sales Operations

Leti Feliciano

Director of Digital

Vicky Outtarac

Director of Finance & Accounting

Evie Ratti

Director of Brand Experience

Rachel Pitts

Business Development Analyst

Alfred Macaraeg

IT Manager

Charlie Church

Product Design Manager

Cristina Burmeister

Project Manager

Keith Vasconcellos

Materials Management Supervisor

Kim Bartolo

PMR Project Support Manager

LaKeya Jacobs

Project Manager

Sabrina Ferranti

Facility and Security Manager

Diandra Holloman

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Kelly Cardinal

Office Coordinator

Brian Sciacchitano

Sr. Software Engineer

Kevin Witherow

Software Engineer

Nick Williams

Software Tester

Patrick O'Connell

Business Analyst

Miranda Ferreira

Human Resources Generalist

John Lopez

Business Analyst

Christina Hodge

Accounting Supervisor

Lizbrey Davis

Accounting Department Administrative Assistant

Lisa Escobar

Systems Support Technician

Tyrell Johnson

Systems Support Technician

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