We believe in It

The work we do at DOMA makes a difference! A difference in the patient's health whose medical records are electronically available and ready for the doctor to access on demand; a difference to a veteran who no longer has to wait months or years for his/her disability claims to be processed; or a difference in the way our clients run their businesses. We do it because we love it and believe in it. It started with an observation but it quickly became our passion.

Why Doma?

Our success is reliant upon attracting and retaining talented and skilled professionals like you. We respect and recognize every member of our team and the valuable contribution they make to our business.


Because of our team

Each DOMA employee brings a unique background, personality, and charisma. Our diversity allows us to come together and learn different skills, and traditions. There is never a dull moment at DOMA.

Because of our Culture

At DOMA, culture is just as important as the work we do. The DOMA team is our biggest asset, and as such, culture plays an important part in creating an environment where everyone is welcomed, valued and challenged to become better at what we do.

Because we have added Perks

Our competitive benefit package addresses immediate needs, including medical and dental benefits, as well as more future-based needs, such as a 401(k) savings plan. But it is our perks that make the job more fun; they include socials, cook-offs, contests, a book exchange, etc.

You'll fit right in

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