DOMA’s in-house development team has the experience to provide a wide range of cloud development solutions that meet your needs.

DOMA approaches your development challenges with the goal of making the latest technology accessible and effective for your team. Our applications help you leverage all the power of tools like RPA, ICR, ML, and more without a steep learning curve.

Why DevSecOps

Integrated Development for Better Results

DevSecOps stands for development, security, and operations. This approach integrates security at every phase of the software development process from initial design through integration, testing, and deployment. Our development and operations team work collaboratively to ensure your project move smoothly from concept to final launch. 

We develop a wide range of cloud applications for our customers that include advanced reporting, business intelligence, data visualization, and more.

    " The top three cloud security priorities for IT decision makers are compliance monitoring (78%), authorization and permission management (75%), and security configuration management (73%)."
    DevSecOps can address these by making security a critical focus across the entire application development process.



    DOMA’s Development team owns each project from start to finish. They are not siloed from any part of the process and develop with a holistic approach that puts customer goals first.


    A unique element to DOMA’s approach is our DevSecOps Integration Specialist who facilitates clear communication between the development and operations teams. In addition to serving as a conduit between these two processes, the DOMA integration specialist is an advocate for the customer and their needs.


    Our Operations Team keeps your project on track by managing test servers, concerns about rollout, and final deployment. Additionally, in our DevSecOps model, operations is much more involved in the details of development and helps promote a balance of functionality, security, and innovation.

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