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Providing great healthcare is ultimately about serving people. However, navigating mountains of paperwork or the complex claims and revenue cycle process can distract from what really matters - the patient.

DOMA can help your organization streamline these processes so that you can focus on providing state-of-the-art and compassionate care to your customers and patients


Our Healthcare Information Services

DOMA’s healthcare information services include records management, medical records outreach, and revenue cycle management. One of the common challenges we help hospitals, private practices, labs, surgery centers, and home health agencies tackle is digitizing their paper records

Paper records take up valuable space and are vulnerable to damage from disaster, theft, or mishandling. With HIPAA compliant digitization, DOMA can convert medical files, lab reports, and billing documentation into fully searchable digital documents that are securely stored in the cloud for instant access. We can digitize records of any type and migrate already electronic records to a centralized cloud repository including:

  • Patient Records
  • Medical Billing & EOBs
  • EKGs & X-Rays
  • Microfilm & Microfiche
  • Hand Written Paperwork
  • Bound or Fragile Documents
  • Large Format Charts or Plans


The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) implemented the Private Medical Records (PMR) Retrieval Program to improve timeliness for the receipt of medical records in support of a Veterans’ or Dependent of a Veterans’ claim for disability benefits. 


Protecting Patient Data

Protecting valuable patient data is a top priority at DOMA. We have also positioned ourselves as leaders in Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data compliance and security. Any records that enter our care are secured on GPS tracked vehicles with strict procedures for safe handling at both the pickup site and our secure scanning facility. 

Once scanned you will have immediate cloud access to your records minimizing any interruption to your daily operations. Our DX software platform is HIPAA compliant and allows administrators to easily restrict access, track changes, and securely share records across different departments. With a DOMA solution, you can be sure that important information remains secure at every stage of the process. 


 Our customer base spans the Federal Government, hospital systems, private physician practices, and large payer/provider networks. We specialize in data and content capture, medical records review, and claims development and processing.  We have also positioned ourselves as leaders in Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data compliance and security.

  • Ambulatory Surgical Centers
  • Clinical Labs
  • Dental practices
  • Optometry Centers
  • Urgent Care Centers
    • HMOs/PPOs
    • Point of Service Plans (POS)
    • Home Health Agencies
    • Medical Technology Companies
    • Pharmaceutical Companies

    Healthcare organizations are often inundated with new documentation every day. When multiple providers, departments, and practices are housed under one roof it takes even more manpower to ensure that important paperwork is quickly retrievable and properly filed. There is often a blend of both physical and digital content that must be reconciled for each patient and made centrally accessible. The additional challenge of needing to retain historical data indefinitely is also something that must be considered when creating a records management strategy.

    DOMA can help you digitize old records and migrate new ones, but that’s only the first stage in building an effective document workflow. Our highly-trained staff can also assist with medical claims development and revenue cycle management.


    The Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters | Eastern Virginia Medical School

    Successfully submitting a claim requires a complex collaborative effort. DOMA steps in and fulfills the important role of contacting healthcare providers to collect and consolidate all of the supporting documentation required to submit a claim for adjudication. 

    With the ability to receive information from a wide range of disparate sources such as fax, email, and our vault portal the DOMA team strives to ensure that each patient’s claim is accurate, complete, and properly packaged for the next stage of the process. Our medical records outreach experts make a powerful impact in the lives of patients by expediting the claims process – in some cases from weeks to just a few days.  

    Our experts have years of experience aggregating and accelerating claims on behalf of US Veterans through the Private Medical Records (PMR) program


    Department of Veterans Affairs | Defense Health Agency

    Healthcare providers face the challenge of improving patient care while navigating increased financial exposure, declining reimbursement, and complicated billing requirements. When you are choosing a content management platform, you should be sure to get an understanding of licensing limits, security options, and included training. 

    DOMA can provide scalable healthcare data management solutions via a cloud-based network, with real-time visibility into revenue cycle operations. DOMA’s software is non-license based, meaning it scales with your organization. Additionally, our security and compliance standards are secure enough for the Federal government. Our highly configurable software is tailored to each customer and we have a robust training protocol that includes a support team located within the United States. 


    Sentara | Promise Healthcare

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    Are you a Veteran or Provider looking to upload records? Go to PMR Program FAQ Page to learn how.

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