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Please submit a Marketing and Communications request if you need design work, a press release, DOMA TV announcement, website landing page, or campaign material. Turnaround time will be dependent on other requests and the complexity of your needs. We will reach out to you regarding your request if we have questions, concerns, or need to clarify turn around time. Please attach any necessary logos, photos, or other media to your request when you submit. 

Fill out the Form that  Best Relates to Your Request:

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Please give as much detail as possible. If you provide bullet points, a quote, and relevant links to similar content it makes production on PR articles much faster. 

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For any visual/design materials fill out this form. This includes – banners, templates, powerpoint presentations, infographics, logos, photos, social media content, etc.use this form for Culture Committees and internal communications like training documents, policies, etc. 

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If you need something for a specific campaign please use this form. This includes briefs, one-page slicks, landing pages on the website, giveaways for trade shows, pop up banners, etc. If you need it to make a sale, this is the form for you. 

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If you need product design, swag, or merch use this form. You will be required to fill out and submit your own PO request. We will provide design and interface with the vendor, but purchase and final approval will be up to your department. 

Seahawk Building Only:



Please submit your event/time-sensitive DOMA TV requests together at the beginning of the month. We cannot typically accommodate week-of or last minute requests. DOMA TV announcements should be approved by and submitted for appropriate Culture Committee activities, or building-wide announcements only.

*Submitting this form does not automatically guarantee that your item will end up on DOMA TV*

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