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DOMA has been helping organizations operate more efficiently and securely for over 20 years. Our aim is to lead the way in both relevant content and technology solutions.

About Alex

My job is to listen to the market, our customers, and the people here at DOMA to identify trends and insights and collate them into a unified product vision and strategy. From there, my primary objective is to manage the end-to-end execution of that strategy to develop innovative new features and products that deliver unquestionable value to our customers in pursuit of our vision.

Favorite Snack

Chips, of almost any kind. Don’t leave a bag unattended around me as it will not be there when you get back.

Favorite Vision Value

Evolve & Adapt – this value speaks the most to me because it emphasizes the constant need to update yourself and adapt to changes and new things. I am continually looking for feedback and ways to get better to stay ahead of the curve while also being flexible knowing that things won’t always go my way and may require adapting my plans.

Favorite Book

Atomic Habits – can’t recommend it enough. this book offers an incredible amount of insight into the reasons why good/ bad habits are formed and broken and how to make your conscious and unconscious behaviors work for you not against you. it’s an indispensable guide on how to harness the little things you do on a daily basis so that whatever you decide to do in life becomes possible.

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