Convert your paper files into digital and researchable image files.

How do you handle paper documents? Paper is expensive, takes up room, it's easily destroyed, misfiled and misplaced. DOMA's conversion and imaging solutions help convert your paper to digitized format so you can preserve, secure and easily access your business documents; increasing efficiency and maximizing office space.

Eliminate file cabinets and
storage rooms

And free up valuable office space

Get away from filling, storing and shuffling through stacks of paper.
Convert your paper documents to electronic files and save time and space while increasing productivity.

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Preserve valuable business

And secure them

DOMA 's full range of document conversion and imaging services adhere to project requirements while ensuring the highest standards of security, quality and accuracy.

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Make documents searchable

And gain immediate access

If you can't locate a file within seconds, you are wasting valuable time. Quickly reference documents with minimal effort and time. Take advantage of barcoding and OCR technologies, reduce indexing errors and speed up the conversion process. It's never been easier and faster to access your documents online.

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"I'm very impressed with the upload time from scanning a document to searching and viewing it in the cloud. Finding a provider file is now an effortless task"

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DOMA's document scanning, imaging and conversion services provide:


Backfile/archive file conversion

Conversion of existing, archived documents in bulk.


Day-forward conversion

Conversion of documents generated from a point in time onward.


Hybrid conversion

Backfile and /or day-forward conversion may occur at our production facility.


Image on demand

Conversion of high priority document(s) for immediate access.