Our data-centric system offers high industry levels of encryption and security, immediate deployment and a new user-friendly web interface.
Maintain Digital Content

Document Conversion

Document Conversion Solutions - Norfolk

Document scanning and imaging services can transform your paper piles into digital and searchable
image files.
Cut the Clutter

Claims Processing

Claims Processing - Norfolk

Cut down your processing time with electronic claims and reduce your claim handling costs for a faster
turnaround time.
Time is Valuable

Medical Coding/Auditing

Medical Coding & Auditing - Norfolk

We provide experienced certified professionals for a systemic, standardized approach to
ensure accuracy.
For Complete Consistency

Innovation Challenge

The Future Is In Your Hands

This quarter, DOMA is presenting an “Innovation Challenge” as we highlight our second company core value for the year – Innovation. In this challenge, we are reaching out to our valued customers, partners, and employees to come up with ideas, concepts, and processes to make DOMA or our technology platform that much better.

When a real document management solutions is missing

Overlooking the possibility of disaster when it comes to your documents can cost you thousands of dollars and even your entire business. With this document we provide five (5) examples that will give you some insight into the alarming situations that can occur when a real document and data management solution is missing.
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