Our data-centric system offers high industry levels of encryption and security, immediate deployment and a new user-friendly web interface.
Maintain Digital Content

Document Conversion

Document Conversion Solutions - Norfolk

Document scanning and imaging services can transform your paper piles into digital and searchable
image files.
Cut the Clutter

Claims Processing

Claims Processing - Norfolk

Cut down your processing time with electronic claims and reduce your claim handling costs for a faster
turnaround time.
Time is Valuable

Medical Coding/Auditing

Medical Coding & Auditing - Norfolk

We provide experienced certified professionals for a systemic, standardized approach to
ensure accuracy.
For Complete Consistency

Document Management Services That
Will Take Your Business Into The Future!

Remember being told just a few years ago that someday soon we would all be working in “paperless offices”? Well, like hoverboards and jet packs, this never came to pass.

In fact, we seem to have more and more paperwork and data every day, so if you don’t have an efficient data management system you could find yourself swamped.

Let DOMA help you get organized today!

DOMA was founded with the mission of providing state-of-the-art digital document management technology and services for healthcare, government and commercial customers both in the US and overseas. Our products and services allow you to convert your paper documents to digital files, which benefits your company in more ways than one.

Get back valuable office space!

All those thousands of files and documents take up space that you can get back by keeping your data on hard drives.

Protect your data from disaster

With your data digitized and backed up in the cloud, you don’t have to worry about your precious paperwork falling victim to flood, fire or termites.

You are going green

With a more digitized office, you are saving valuable trees and the earth’s resources.

Speed and efficiency

Digitized data can be accessed, indexed and archived in seconds. From our document conversion facility in Virginia, DOMA can also offer solutions to manage business workflows, provide lifecycle management for documents and ensure capture, indexing and archiving as well as retrieval. DOMA can can also offer you advice on IT and warehouse and Logistics Management

What are you waiting for? Get in touch today and be organized forever