DOMA Launches Vision 2021

DOMA Launches Vision 2021

DOMA Vision 2021

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Virginia Beach, VA, February 15, 2019 –

As the new year gets well underway we have an opportunity to reflect on both the successes of 2018 and the opportunities still come in 2019. With that in mind, DOMA is excited to share our vision for 2021. DOMA’s Vision 2021 statement lays the groundwork for each department and features a list of eight new Vision Values:

1.       Find Someone, Serve Everyone

2.       Everybody Matters

3.       Build Up Leaders

4.       Always Be Learning

5.       Constantly Challenge the Status Quo

6.       Turn Over the Bottom 10%

7.       Deliver 100% Return on All Customer Investments

8.       Leverage Technology Whenever Possible

DOMA stands apart as one of the only major technology companies headquartered Hampton roads and we want to continue to lead the way in providing digital workflow solutions. Launching this new Vision campaign is a key part of DOMA’s strategy to not only remain relevant but to excel in the technology sector. As cloud technology and document management strategies rapidly evolve, our business practices and goals must transform as well.

Vision 2021 is all about looking ahead to see how each department at DOMA will be expanding in the coming years. Many of the targets we are aiming for will require major shifts in both attitude and operations. It will be a challenge, but Vision 2021’s clear outline for each facet of DOMA helps illuminate the way forward. When you know where you’re heading, developing a strategy to get there becomes easier. With all of the DOMA team pursuing the values and ambitions of Vision 2021, we are wholly confident we can make 2021 a landmark year for the company.

We have already made strides to make Vision 2021. DOMA has begun overhauling its new Seahawk office space, implementing internal culture initiatives, and exploring novel ways to communicate with and engage our customers. DOMA is excited to begin weaving Vision 2021 into all our future initiatives. Over the coming three years we will be expanding on the eight Vision Values and sharing some of the milestones in our pursuit of Vision 2021. Join us on the journey for a better DOMA by checking out the full vision statement below.

President and CEO Pat Feliciano

Pat Feliciano


“What I see is a tree with its roots firmly grounded in great soil with healthy branches that constantly grow and produce fruit! Each branch is perfectly positioned in the sun, ultimately providing life to the world.”

Pat Feliciano


About DOMA- Powered by Tech, Driven by People

DOMA Technologies (DOMA) is a software development and digital transformation company whose mission is to change customer lives by lightening their workload through faster and more targeted access to their data. Since 2000, our team of 200+ experts has helped businesses navigate all aspects of the digital world. We are a dedicated strategic partner for the federal government and private sector clients at every stage of their unique digital transformation journey.

Director of Communication


Danielle Wethington
Director of Communications

About Vision 2021

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