Happy 4th of July!
PMR Program Update: Helping Veterans with the Claims Process

Happy Fourth of July from DOMA Technologies!

July 04, 2020

Happy 4th of July from DOMA

Happy Fourth of July from DOMA Technologies!

What Is PMR?

DOMA’s PMR Program is a claims development program that has saved taxpayers over $45.67 million in labor costs and positively impacted millions of VeteransSince 2010 the PMR Program has been helping Veterans speed up their disability compensation claims by accelerating the process of collection and adjudication of Veteran medical documentation from the private medical community. This program allows Veterans to get their claims substantiated in record time so they can get the help they need. Prior to DOMA’s involvement, processing a claims request to completion could take anywhere from 60 to 90 days. The PMR program is now down to 12 days and improving.

This past May was a month of significant milestones for the PMR program:

  • Records were recently shattered with the lowest single-day completion rate of 8.66 average number of days and the lowest weekly completion rate of 8.67 average number of days.  
  • The most significant milestone in the PMR Program’s near 10-year history was achieved as the program surpassed the 1 Million Requests threshold!  This means that the PMR Program has helped over 1 million Veterans with the process to get their much-needed benefits. 
Congratulations Private Medical Records Program!

DOMA is proud of our whole PMR team and the great strides they have taken forward this past May. In celebration of the program’s millionth request milestone and other remarkable accomplishments, the PMR team held an after-hours virtual Happy Hour celebration. 

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