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Access Your Data Without Compromising Security


Learn how DOMA can help facilitate remote work through:

DOMA understands the need for employees to be able to work remotely while having access to their organization’s data without compromising security. For every modern problem, there is a modern solution. Technology is rapidly addressing many of the barriers to a more flexible work life. DOMA can help your organization utilize document conversion, the cloud, and our electronic content management software to create an effective remote work strategy.


Take Paper Files to Digital

One huge problem with remote work is a lack of access to company files.  The best way to combat this problem is to transfer all your files to a digital format.

Document Scanning DOMA can take your important files and convert them to digital.  This not only facilitates effective remote work for employees but also saves your company space and time searching through files.

Digital Mailroom Connect email, faxes, and physical mail into one efficient system that automates the delivery of critical information. Get instant access to your important mail and messages no matter what format they arrive in.

Unfortunately, disasters happen. Floods, fires, pandemics, and theft are all things that could destroy your organization’s ability to function. When important documents are stored digitally in the Cloud, your organization will have access remotely to all important information, allowing you to continue operations.



Centralized Access to Apps, Data, and More

Establishing a cloud environment is a great way to promote enterprise collaboration while working remotely. By migrating your software applications, business data, and documents to the Cloud you enable real-time access for your team. Additionally, a cloud environment can provide the following benefits:

  • Built-in Redundancy – The Cloud can serve as a data backup so that you never lose important company information.
  • High-Level Compliance and Security – Cloud data is backed up across multiple servers. Our team of professionals implements all of the latest protocols in protecting your information.
  • Save Space- You never have to worry about running out of space as your needs change, it’s easy to upgrade or downgrade your plan as your business evolves.

Whether at home or traveling, as long as they have internet access employees can securely access what they need.



Centralized Organization for Company Data

In order to work remotely, employees need to access documents in an organized way. Our DX Software eliminates the need for employees to download software on every single company computer to access documents. Our DX Software allows for:

  • Easy access from home: Our DX Software is hosted in the Cloud so you have fast, secure access to all your organization’s documents. Instead, software and information resources can be accessed through accounts tied to a secure network. 
  • Effective document organization: All of your records are in one central repository making organizing and finding what you need easier.
  • Automate everyday tasks: Help eliminate repetitive, everyday tasks that employees have to accomplish through built-in automation.
  • Encourage collaboration: There are many ways to check employee work and assign tasks, making Enterprise Collaboration easier.

Whether at home or traveling as long as they have internet access employees can securely access all their documents in one central repository.


Learn More about DOMA


DOMA’s services make business better and data simple. Our goal is to serve your organization by developing holistic digital solutions that empower people with technology.
We encourage you to find out more about the DOMA Experience and how we can make a difference in your organization.

Work smarter and automate your processes with DOMA’s DX Software. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) our platform makes it easy to create, collaborate, share, automate, and transform the way you manage your data.

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