DOMA's DX Software Enhances

Enterprise Collaboration

Improve Cross-Departmental Communication

DOMA DX Cloud Software Platform fosters effective collaboration through secure, easy access to important documents across your organization. Documents are centrally located and organized, so employees can easily keep track of a document, the changes made to it, and who has handled it.

How Can DX Software Encourage Enterprise Collaboration?


Store Documents in One Central Repository for Easy Access Organization-Wide


Assign Tasks and Notify the Person Responsible Automatically

Reduce Errors by Assigning Quality Assurance Tasks

Track User Actions to See What Changes Have Been Made to a Document

Collaboration in the Cloud

DOMA's DX Software is hosted within the Cloud making it easy for employees to access documents

Keeping all your company data and documents in the Cloud helps your team work together on projects. No more searching through paper files to find the document that you need. Instead of passing around physical copies, or scanning to email, your team has instant access. 

In DOMA’s DX Software team members can simply log on to the web portal and check to see if any tasks have been assigned to them or easily search for the document they need. DOMA DX’s collaboration tools are about more than just document sharing, they allow you to share information in real time, coordinate tasks across departments, and help you apply business information to initiatives internally and externally.

Tracking Actions and User Access

DOMA's DX Software makes creating and tracking users easy

Knowing who has handled or made changes to a document can be very important for maintaining information integrity. With our DX Software tools Managers can:

  • Increase Security by creating different user levels so that employees can only access the documents they need.

  • Improve Communication by assigning tasks to specific users at different stages within a process. Employees are notified when a document needs their attention so nothing gets missed.

  • Increase Productivity by tracking tasks that have been assigned to a user to see a document’s progress within a workflow.

  • Reduce Errors by sending a completed task to a different employee to check accuracy as a Quality Assurance Task.

Safeguards for Collaboration

DOMA DX Protects Document Integrity

These safeguards include:

  • Users must Check Out a document to edit it. This blocks other users from editing it at the same time helping to avoid confusion.

  • Previous versions of a document are kept as a backup so you can compare what changes have been made and who is making them via the Document History panel.

  • Managers can assign User Access to define which documents a user can view and edit.

  • Audits and Reports can be done in DX Software to see user actions, document editing, and more.

Find out more about all of the features DX Software has to offer

DX Software does more than enterprise collaboration. See what other features in our software can help optimize your organization.

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