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Capture Form Data from Anywhere with the


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DOMA’s DX Forms enables your team to fill out and submit field data anytime anywhere – even offline. Reduce your dependence on paper while improving the accuracy, security, and functionality of your forms. Get immediate insight into your form data with searchable, organized digital forms that upload directly to your DOMA DX site.

Easy to Use Mobile forms that Integrate with DOMA DX


Why Try Mobile Forms?

Many of our customers see the value in scanning and digitizing old forms, but unless you have a strategy to reduce paper form taking moving forward, it becomes a viscous cycle. 
Digital PDF or web forms are a great addition to your workflow. However they often  don’t work well on mobile devices, and if you’re not near Wifi then you’re out of luck altogether. 

DOMA’s premiere mobile app addresses this challenge with straightforward form taking from anywhere. Realize a suite of benefits including:

  • Work Offline – gather data, manage all your forms, and access your submissions folder even without an internet connection

  • Robust forms options including location tracking, barcodes, formula fields, conditional logic questions, and more

  • Automate workflows – send your team forms with pre-filled data or set up a form to trigger another form to be sent

One Stop Check Ins

A device enabled with DOMA Mobile Forms works great when used as a check in kiosk. Intake new patients, customers, or visitors and upon submission the form data is instantly uploaded to your DX site.

Forms Your Way

DOMA can build an infinite variety of forms to fit your needs. Additionally, you aren't trapped with just one kind of output. Forms can automatically forwarded to members of your team, exported into a variety of formats, added to a spreadsheet, and more.

Gather On-site Data

As the name suggests, one of the primary benefits to DX Mobile forms is that you can gather form data from anywhere! This is ideal for field work, construction sites, or when traveling to meet a customer. Even without an internet connection, your forms are always available.

Ipad form example

App Features

DOMA’s Mobile Forms App is designed to be flexible but easy to use. The interface is straightforward, allowing you to easily gather valuable data. 

Below are just some of the features that DOMA DX Mobile Forms offers

  • Dispatch – send forms to users out in the field to alert them to new tasks. You can also send forms with pre-populated data and let them fill in the missing information. Save your team time and prevent them from needing to stop by the office for new jobs or forms.


  • Sketch – take photos and draw directly onto them to point out important details.


  • Unlimited Form Submissions & Storage – Don’t hold back! You can submit and store an unlimited number of forms.


  • Capture Key Data  – DOMA mobile forms allows you to attach photos, timestamps, geotags, and signatures. You can also scan bar codes, build forms with conditional logic questions, or include formula fields for easy invoicing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What devices can you use?

DOMA DX Mobile forms can be used with a tablet or a phone and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

What types of forms does DOMA offer?

Every form is custom built to your needs. We can replicate the industry forms you already use or help you build new forms using over 15 different field types. 

Is the app Secure?

Data is encrypted during entry, transfer, and storage ensuring that data is secure throughout the process. The app also incorporates secure file transfer protocol (SFTP), audit logs, two factor authentication, and HTTPS/TLS.

How does the app work offline?

When offline you still have full access to all of your forms and can collect data. Once your internet connection is restored your data will be uploaded and any workflow integrations will continue. 

App example on a phone


The DOMA DX Mobile Forms app is free to download, but you will need to set up an account with DOMA in order to begin using mobile forms.  


DX Software Form Example: Customer Satisfaction Survey

Basic Forms

$25 per Form

Basic forms have straightforward form fields and generally have between 5-15 fields. Basic forms do not have DX integration or conditional logic. Some examples might include:

  • W-2
  • Visitor Check in
  • Contact Form
  • Time Card
  • Satisfaction Survey
In the sample shown you can see that a basic form can include different form types. DX Mobile forms has a wide variety of forms fields to choose from.  

Intermediate Forms

$50 per Form

An intermediate form does not include DX integration but may include up to 35 form fields, calculated fields, and/or conditional logic. With conditional logic the user’s answers change which questions appear as they progress through the form.

  • Workorder
  • I-9
  • 1095
  • US Customs Form
  • Itemized Estimate
An intermediate form is different from a basic form because it generally has more form fields or has some additional functionality that takes more time to add such as calculated fields (which are great for pricing on invoices).
DX Software Example Form
DX Software Sample Form- Feedback Form

Advanced Forms

Starting at $100

An advanced form includes DX integration if requested and may have more than 35 form fields. Advanced forms may include conditional logic, span multiple pages, or have a wide range of input options for a single question. These forms often integrate with other workflows or include automated reporting. Some examples of forms that would fit under this price bracket include:

  • Tax Return
  • Inspection Report
  • Wholesale Order Form with a Large catalog of Options
  • Vehicle Registration & Title Form
  • DMV Change of Address Form
  • Medical Questionnaire
The example form to the right includes multiple instances of conditional logic and requires integrations with DX that route the form to other processes after completion. DX Mobile forms can be integrated in a variety of workflows or exported in a wide range of formats for further processing.

Frequently asked questions

Turning your paper, digital, or web forms into highly accessible mobile forms is easy! Submit a form (or many forms)  in any of the following formats and DOMA will respond with the final pricing and turn around time for the form before creating it and uploading it to your app.

Accepted Formats:

  • Scanned Paper Form
  • A Digital Copy of a Form (PDF, Excel Spreadsheet, Microsoft Word Document etc.)
  • A Weblink to an Online Form

When creating a new form you aren't already using, simply type out your questions and answers into a text document and label each question with the form field type (Select One, Select as Many as Apply, Signature Field. etc.)

DX mobile forms can be integrated with DX in a number of ways. The primary integration is to have your forms upload as individual documents into your DX portal. From there we can add automated reporting, forwarding, and more. 

Even without DX integration you will still have access to your forms on the device and in your dispatch portal. 

DX Mobile forms can be customized to include a wide range of integrations. Some examples  include:

  • Uploading to a cloud repository such as DOMA DX
  • Sending a form to a collaboration platform such as Slack, Evernote, or email.
  • Customized delivery that can utilize SFTp, HTTPS, & Sequel

Yes! You can choose to build your own forms using the Mobile Forms builder portal. With this option you build your own forms using a drag and drop builder and DX integration is priced a la carte at $100/hr. For those with a large volume of forms this may be a more economical option.  

DX Mobile forms is very simple to use without any special training. For those who plan to build their own forms or for users looking for more insight into the dispatch feature DOMA plans to launch some short training videos to get you jumpstarted.

However, our team is always here to help. If you have questions about the app or what kinds of unique integrations are possible reach out to our CSR team.

Even when you are without an internet connection you can collect form data with the DX Mobile Forms app. You can access and submit any of your forms and they will be locally stored on the device until you reconnect. Once reconnected to the internet they will upload automatically to the Cloud and continue through any workflows you have established. 

Find out more about all of the features DX Software has to offer

DX Software does more than electronic forms. See what other features in our software can help optimize your organization.

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