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DX Software Features

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NEW Features coming soon with DX 8.0

DOMA uses Advanced Encryption Standard 256
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DOMA adheres to Federal Information Processing Standards

When Technology and People Work Together, Your Business Runs Better.


Explore DOMA's Enterprise Content Management Software Features and Apps

From the initial ingestion of physical and digital source material to back end analytics and reporting, DOMA’s software is scalable and configurable leveraging the power of the Cloud environment. Our REST API capability fully integrates the DOMA solution with existing software applications to maximize productivity.

DOMA DX Cloud Software Platform gives you one suite of more than 40 integrated business and productivity applications for your entire organization. Our Software Development Team makes the customization process seamless. Then connect multiple workflows so different teams can work together to delight customers, manage finances, and work productively.

Innovation is one of DOMA's core values and our software is evidence of that.  Some of the DX tools that help us deliver our secure, technology solutions to both federal and commercial customers include:

Audit Report Generator

Audit Reports allow quick access by Users to view activity in the Portal and customize the Report Criteria. There are several options to pick from when creating reporting.

Reporting & Analytics

Users the ability to create reports that are specific to their site. You can Add, Edit or Delete, based on your permission level. Audit Reports track the movement, access, and property changes of Documents, Entities, and Users. Workflow Reports help Administrators keep track of the progress of workflows and their associated tasks. There are also five (5) Standard Reports that are built into every customer site: User Upload Summary, System Upload Summary, System File Storage Summary, Workflow Task Status Report, and Workflow User Report.

Document Merge

Users can select and merge multiple documents in the system. Combine, merge and edit documents quick and easy.

Integration, Custom Integration & Rest API

Connect all your systems to easily transform the data. Representational State Transfer is a software architectural style that defines a set of constraints to be used for creating Web Services. Web services that conform to the REST architectural style, called RESTful Web Services, provide interoperability between computer systems on the Internet.

Document, Advanced & Saved Search

The Basic Search tool is featured on every screen of the application. Once a Value is entered, you can assess the search functionality. Advanced Search is another option offered which allows the user to access files by document type or custom field for more specific searches. Saved Search is an additional search option that allows the user to save and log Search Criteria for future searches

DOMA Imaging Application (DIA)

The DOMA Imaging Application (DIA) features scanning and editing capability for image manipulation and searchability. Another available option is the Standalone DIA desktop application.

Dynamic Forms, Backend Process & OCR Full Text Searching

This enhancement allows the ability to use Word to create dynamic form templates (used in workflow task processing) and incorporate the following features: Document Types (multiple templates allowed per type), Formatted String (Concatenating multiple fields w/ a format for one label), Custom Field (the ability to pull field values from a document or related entity), and Special fields (Folder name, user name, Journal, page count, etc). Full-Text OCR designed for batch processing with desktop or network scanners and MFPs. DOMA uses the latest OCR technology to batch convert scanned documents to text, MS Word, HTML or searchable PDF Image + Hidden Text files


Ensure that your data is being exchanged securely with our Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Digitize your Workflow

We are excited about the new user interface; it was re-designed from scratch to be more responsive in order to achieve better performance.

Darren Johnson- Sr. Software Scientist at DOMA

New Features Coming Soon
with the DX 8 Software Platform

The DX 8.0 is set to be our most exciting update since the initial launch of the DX software platform. A complete visual overhaul means the software is more intuitive and engaging. With new toggling menus, improved workflow integrations, and better technical support; you’ll soon see that the DOMA Experience is more powerful than ever. Some of our new and improved features include:
Dynamic Interface

A Dynamic New Interface

A Dynamic New Visual Interface with modernized icons applied across the entire platform. Users can now hide icons they don't need from appearing on the search grid.

Better Searching DX

Updated Searching

Advanced Search across multiple document types. "Jump-to-Page" function for multi-page result lists. The header bar for lists is now pinned to the top of the page. Improved with shorter load times and faster performance.

Configurable Support

Support Tab with Future Updates

To keep our customers better updated, we will be implementing a new support tab that will feature future updates so users can stay ahead of any changes.

Outlook Plugin

Easy to Use Outlook Plug-in

Drag and drop content directly from your Outlook email into the DX application with our easy to use plugin.

Webinar Learning

Video Walkthroughs of New Features

To introduce you to all of the changes coming to DX8 we are creating video walkthroughs. For current customers, we are also interested in getting your feedback on features you'd like to see and we will be reaching out with how to submit your suggestions.

Get a Custom Solution


Contact us to schedule a personalized consultation and find out how we can make your organization better with the DOMA Experience. For more information about DOMA Technologies and our software solutions please contact:

Chandler Pitcher | Chief Technology Officer
Phone: 757.306.4920


Work smarter and automate your processes with DOMA’s DX Software. Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) our platform makes it easy to create, collaborate, share, automate, and transform the way you manage your data.
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