Electronic Forms

DOMA's DX Engage Software can streamline the management of dynamic electronic forms to improve form creation & processing

Gathering and storing information sensibly often requires using paper or digital forms. As a result, forms are a necessary but often unpleasant part of many information workflows. Through DOMA's DX Engage Software, you can automate the tedious process of building, processing, and extracting valuable data collected from many different form types.

Automate the Creation of Any Industry Specific Form

Automate The Creation of Any Industry Specific Form


Mortgages & Loans, Purchase Agreements, Credit Card Applications, Account Opening Applications


Tax Forms, Government Issued ID Applications, Census Forms, Voting Ballots


HR & Personnel Records, Invoices, Accounts Receivable, Shareholder Agreements, Account Contracts


Patient Intake Forms, Medical Surveys, Prescriptions, Donation Forms, Healthcare Records, Policy Disclosures


Student Records, Transcripts, Exams & Tests, College Applications, Faculty Records, FERPA Forms

Logistics & Shipping

Proof of Delivery, Shipping Documents, Insurance Claims, Certificate of Origin, Inventory Forms, Packing Lists

The Dynamic Forms Process


Documents are uploaded to DX Engage- these might be patient records, customer profiles, etc. Paper documents are scanned and OCR processed or digital ones are imported (Word, PDF, Excel, etc.)


Metadata for each document is added to custom fields via manual entry or automated data extraction. These fields might include things like name, SSN, DOB, phone number, and more.


Dynamic Forms are set up in DX Engage. Forms are built to identify the metadata added in step two for each document and use it to populate the new form templates.


Users can now quickly generate batches of different forms without any manual data entry. For example - automatically filling out a survey request letter for all patients born in 1985.

The Dynamic Forms Process

Ensuring Accuracy

Repetitive tasks such as data entry into forms are prone to human error. Eliminate the need to individually copy content into form fields with DOMA’s Electronic Word Form tool. This software solution automatically locates pertinent information within the DX Engage content platform to fill out and export forms faster and more accurately

Why Use Electronic Forms?

Automate data entry. DX Engage can identify the document type and field information to quickly transfer data into the correct electronic forms.

Intelligent content detection ensures accurate results. Our software can be configured to detect form fields by context, location, or specific keyword.

Forms stay agile. When you need to alter the structure of a form moving forward it's as simple as updating the main template. Creating new forms is just as easy.

Workflows Speed Up Processing. Beyond just filling out forms, custom back-end processes can automate next steps, such as form submission and quality control.

Why Use Electronic Forms?

Reduce Response Time

DX Engage Software's Dynamic Electronic Word Forms allow users to quickly generate different forms by automatically filling in the blanks. Form templates gather metadata from the DX Engage Platform and transfer it into the new form template.

By removing the need to fill in forms by hand or copy and paste information the amount of time it takes to complete a form is significantly reduced. This means you can attend to your customer's needs more quickly and improve your overall business process.

How it works in DX Software

Dynamic Electronic Forms (e-forms) uses Microsoft Word to create electronic form templates. Our team begins by analyzing the forms you’re already using. After discussing your needs, unique form-based workflows are built that will quickly locate the information you need within DX Engage and inject it into a structured, electronic form.

DX Engage can help automate: 

  • Compiling Information – automatically gather form data from multiple, different documents and compile it into a single form


  • Quality Control – Route forms to appropriate personnel for QC if errors or missing information are detected. This expedites the review and approval process.


  • Forms Processing – Back-end-processes and APIs can also assist with processing. Send information automatically to pull background checks, compare multiple documents, or extract data.


  • Form Redaction – A secondary workflow can be built to remove personally identifiable information (PII) and protected health information (PHI) through automated redaction before further processing

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