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Workflow Optimization

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks With Automation

Explore how DOMA's DX Engage Software can create custom automated workflows in order to improve the efficiency of your organization.

DX Engage's automated workflows are designed to make document management simple. Improve collaboration and accountability with alerts, or eliminate repetitive tasks by incorporating automated form creation.

What can workflows do?

At DOMA we tailor workflows specifically to your organization’s needs. Workflow management can save you a lot of time by streamlining standard processes such as:

  • Track changes in status (or content) for a task or document

  • Alert specific personnel when conditions change or decisions need to be made

  • Send, fax, index, tag, or alter documents based on content or document type

  • Gather information and organize it

  • Populate or generate forms

  • Execute tasks based on pre-set timelines (eg. alert supervisors if a task is not completed by a certain time)

  • Track team progress on assignments or action items

Workflows and Security

DX Engage Software is designed to deploy automation to ease your daily workload. However, when tasks are performed automatically and without direct human oversight it can bring up concerns about security. Many individuals resist automation with the understanding that it may compromise documents or make the vulnerable. 

At DOMA we know that a reliable and well-defended electronic document management system is paramount. Therefore, in addition to our own layers of security, we deliver our DX Engage Software through Amazon Web Services (AWS) – the market leader in secure, scaleable Cloud Solutions. AWS combines ease of access with industry-leading security protocols to ensure your data is both easily available to your team and protected from unauthorized access. 

Workflows in DX Engage Software

When adding a custom workflow your organization can work with one of our Analysts to plan out and integrate the workflow in a way that best addresses your business process challenge. 

  • Workflows are made up of tasks. These tasks can be customized based on your specific industry needs.
  • Tasks can include things like:
    • Send an email to “X.
    • Have the system fill out “X” custom fields. The values for these fields can include Date, String, Drop-Downs, etc.
    • Add “X” Page to an Existing Document.
    • Move Document “X” to Folder “Y.
    • Change a Document’s type.
    • Auto-Relate – attach documents based on common fields.
    • Assign Back End Process – this may include things like faxing, form recognition, OCR, barcode, exporting, and more
  • Tasks are then performed when the criteria you specify are met, such as:
    • When all documents of type “Y” have a creation date of xx/xx/xxx do “Xtask.
    • When all “X” tasks are complete do “Y” task.
  • Workflow Tasks can be Concurrent (Multiple tasks happening all at once) or Sequential (Each task is dependent on the completion of another task).
  • With DOMA’s Word Dynamic Forms, DX Engage can also create forms and populate forms with user-specified information.
  • The DX Engage Software automatically checks for tasks and workflows so that they can be performed in the background without interrupting the productivity of your workday.

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