Employees Get Their Steps In with DOMA's Summer Fitness Challenge

DOMA employees logged their steps and joined teams to virtually race around Hawaii for the Summer Fitness Challenge

August 31, 2021

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DOMA’s Summer Fitness Challenge had employees teaming up to complete a 38-day virtual race around Hawaii’s Maui island. Using the My Virtual Mission platform, individuals and teams raced to complete a considerable hike of 146.3 miles around the perimeter of Maui. With the challenges posed by the need to work remotely and social distance, it’s been tough to find good avenues for building team spirit. This virtual race allowed the DOMA team to work together or compete individually using a smartphone app to track distances. Additionally, a feature powered by Google maps allowed participants to see street views of their location. This virtual fitness vacation was a great way to take advantage of the summer weather and get outside. 

Finding ways to give back while having fun is important to DOMA. In addition to being a great team-building and fitness opportunity, DOMA decided to add a charitable component by donating a dollar for every mile traveled to two different veteran’s focused charities. This means that Veterans Miracle Center and Veteran’s Homefront will each be receiving a donation of $1,972 this summer thanks to the efforts of our team. 

Total DOMA Miles


Fastest Finish Team: The Not so Fast & The Not So Furious

Fasted Finish Solo: Jackie Clifford

2nd Place: Matthew Newsum | 3rd Place: Chandler Pitcher | 4th Place: Hannah Miller

Farthest Distance Team: – The Mad House

Variety is the Spice of Life – Cindy Lou Gibson

It’s Cool I’ll Carry This Team – Lilliam Acevedo

Triple-Digit Club: Those who completed over 100 miles but didn’t complete the full 146.3-mile course.

Amber Wandell | Lilliam Acevedo | Melissa Hughley

Not too fast

The Not So Fast & The Not So Furious

388 Miles
Chandler Pitcher
Alfred Macaraeg
Matt Newsum
Marti Jones 

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Mission Assassins

347.2 Miles
Christopher Price
Kimberly Gordon
Jessica Ray
LaKeya Jacobus
Mary Velez
Lilliam Acevedo

Piña Coladies

Piña Coladies

340.6 Miles
CindyLou Gibson
Hannah Miller
Sabrina Conrad
Amber Wandell

The Madhouse

The Madhouse

326 Miles
Melissa Hughley Zachary Payne
Jacqueline Clifford

nerds of a feather

Nerds of a Feather

238.7 Miles
Tracey Wilder
Brian Sciacchitano
Danielle Wethington
Alfred Joson

lady bosses

Lady Bosses

95 Miles
Shelbey Moyler
Christine Jackson


New 2 This but True 2 This

94.4 Miles
Chiquita Wilkerson
Cinnamon Brown
LaShette Johnson
Samantha Schoonmaker

Lone Wolves
(Solo Racers)

Allıya Merricks
Colin Haimovici
Meri Brewer
Ramona Fulmore
Scott Medina

Each of our participants was rewarded with a medal at our 2021 Summer BBQ. In addition, our first-place finishers were able to select from a range of fitness-themed prizes such as a smart water bottle that reminds you to stay hydrated, a deep tissue massage gun, gym bags, and more. 

DOMA aims to build a supportive culture that prioritizes fun (it is one of our core values after all) and we are continuing to plan initiatives with employee input that will help us build connections and return to the workday with new energy. There are big plans for the Fall and Winter that we hope will get us back on track after a tough year of remote work. If you’d like to learn more about DOMA’s culture or possibly join our team check out our culture page: 

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Director of Communication


Danielle Wethington
Director of Communications


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