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Integrating Intelligent Technologies

Artificial intelligence encompasses any technology designed to learn and/or make reasoned choices. The goal of AI technology is to produce machines or systems that are capable of streamlining and performing tasks previously dependent on human decision-makers. 

Unlike cognitive computing, the goal of artificial intelligence technologies is not to truly simulate human thought, but instead to find patterns within data, reveal hidden information, and to automate complex processes.

AI applies to a variety of tools and processes. For example:

  • Branching Logic
  • Predictive Models
  • Image & Speech Recognition
  • Chatbots (Natural Language Processing)

Three Key Ways AI Applies to

Data and Document Management

Classify & Organize

Artificial intelligence tools can identify, tag, and organize documents without the need for manual review of every file. When coupled with OCR it can improve Data Extraction, classification, and more. Additionally, AI can help generate digital forms, locate key information such as PII/PHI, and group documents by type. 

Extract & Analyze

Gather and process unstructured data automatically using OCR, RPA, and Machine Learning tools. Simultaneously lift data sets from documents, migrate them to a structured format and transfer your data via API Integration to a Business Intelligence tool to be visualized. Overall this helps support data-backed decision making.

Apply & React

AI pairs well with automated workflows – allowing you to strategically deploy your data and documents to different business operations. Specifically, you can alert specific team members when your system detects actionable information, route data to other software programs or processes, and more. The ability to adjust your workflow based on new information means you remain agile. 

Artificial intelligence can be applied to many parts of the data and document management workflow. When compared to legacy systems and technologies, AI has the power to make a massive, positive impact on the time, effort, and money invested in your content management strategy.


How AI augments DOMA's other Solutions

In essence, there are four primary ways that artificial intelligence tools harmonize with our other solutions:

Document Organization & Storage: When scanning documents and/or storing them within the DOMA DX content management system it’s important that you find what you’re looking for. Advanced search features are helpful, but correctly organizing your files at ingest will get you started on the right foot. AI can help identify, sort, and inter-relate documents. This allows you to compare similar pieces of content and explore connected data. At the same time, automated workflows can flag documents that require special attention and notify specific users.

Data Extraction: DOMA’s automated data extraction uses a combination of optical character recognition (OCR) and AI to extract content without losing context. This means that you can target the exact data you’re looking for across different types of documents. 

Document Redaction: Our tools are always getting smarter. As a result, we can redact information based on specific words or sequences. For example, our tool can find and remove all 9 digit social security numbers regardless of where they appear within a document. Additionally, we can redact information based on zonal location within a form or using keyword context. Finally, DOMA can apply audio redaction powered by machine learning to remove PII from audio files like call center logs.

Business Intelligence: Without a doubt, AI is incredibly powerful when it is applied to data analytics. Machine learning, predictive analytics, and data visualization can all make data more transparent and support business decisions. Tools like Power BI now incorporate AI features like machine learning, image recognition, and text analytics.


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